The likes of a Golden Heart like Peter Nygard is not what comes our way often….

International fashion mogul and Lyford Cay resident Peter Nygard was lead on a tour of Bain Town Saturday, were community leaders and pastors gave the billionaire a history lesson on the area and pointed unique features and places in Bain Town.

NASSAU| Peter Nygard’s bodyguard and close friend continued his praise of a man who presented a heart of GOLD filled with love for the Bahamian people.

Leo Thurston went further in explaining Nygard’s generosity for the Bahamian people and recalled how many got so close to him.

“Mr. Nygard really took me and my family with great protection. I am a Christian and I display that Christian Life around him. And it was Mr. Nygard who made sure that my beliefs were guarded.

“In one example we were in Seoul, Korea having a meeting with a leader in the community and as I sat at that table an offer of wine was put to me while I drank my can of coke soda. And immediately, knowing my standards and religious belief, Mr Nygard stopped the individual, making it clear to him that I do not drink.

“He respected the fact that I was a Christian and made sure that there was nothing which violated my beliefs, which is why I am still shocked about the lies created on him,” Mr Thurston said.

“We travelled the world together, across Asia, Europe America and in the Middle East and I can assure you that Mr. Nygard never presented himself in any way as these lies which are being expressed by operatives against his success.

“He loved Bahamians and he is a godsend to the Bahamas. It was Mr. Nygard who invited the ordinary man to come into Lyford Cay to his home for dinner. And it was that kind of hospitality which many were against. And when they couldn’t come to his home he went to their home.”

Thurston also shared how it was Peter Nygard who came to his rescue when he was ill. “I had to attend doctors in Chicago after I fell ill and it was not easy for me at the time. But while I was away, it was Mr. Nygard who made it easy for me. He paid all those bills while keeping me employed to support my family. This kind of support to the ordinary Bahamian is missing these days and I know it is this kind of compassion for ordinary Bahamians is not one which comes by every day.”