The medical cartel has used COVID19 testing as a means to profit on the poor! MAN, THESE PEOPLE WICKED!


Dear Editor,

There is a wicked exercise being orchestrated against citizens in the Bahamas by the medical community in this COVID19 pandemic.

I am not sure citizens are aware of how much trouble they are in until they get sick in the Bahamas.

As the pandemic sailed into the Bahamas through our open borders, health officials -with the blessing of an uncaring government – have decided to capitalize on the poor. 

Today, with so many lockdowns and restrictions, one would think that the way to quickly control the spread of COVID19 would be to ramp up testings and control the spread of the virus. But, while we were all thinking and believing some officials would want to know where the virus is threatening the very existence of our democracy, the medical fraternity that is in bed with the Bahamas Government has capitalized on the testing exercise.

There is no free testing in the country. And, if you don’t have the money, you go home to die!

Doctor’s Hospital, for one, has a Covid19 testing that costs $224 and most services that require a COVID19 test are sending you to Doctors. What does this mean? If you are traveling, if you need an urgent procedure done, or if you need to just test to see if your symptoms are COVID related, you need to have this test done. It is not free! 

And you would think, for such a rich country like ours, the leaders would be concerned about protecting the health of our citizens. But the reality is: THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN!

Why is the service of COVID testing, which is a requirement for many things, NOT FREE? Or not at an affordable rate to help people get along? 

And so, in addition to taking that flight or having that minor surgery done, the poor in the country – many of whom have been unemployed for five months now – must find $224 to have a 2-minute procedure done to get your negative result.

I cry shame on the medical cartel in the country which has locked hands with a wicked uncaring heartless government to undermine the poor. 

Anyway – it ain’t long now!


Esther McKenzie