By: Gorman Bannister

He claims to be a changed man because he’s now a grandfather. But only ‘his’ grandchildren will be celebrating this Christmas without missing a beat because the average grandfathers and fathers have lost their jobs or have had their contracts taken away because of Hubert Ingraham’s spiteful policies perpetrated on the average Bahamian. Hubert is the monster who stole Christmas from the average Bahamian. And while he and his grandchildren celebrate—you and yours of the majority suffer!

Grandpappy Hubert can joyfully play Santa Claus to his grandchildren because they don’t have to be concerned about suffering during Christmas because the taxpayers make sure that he and his are comfortable as a result of Grandpappy Hubert being Prime Minister. And yet, Grandpappy Hubert chooses to be a monster when it comes to being responsible for the overall welfare of the small man and his grandchildren. All the small man can hope for this Christmas is that it hurries up and goes, so the sour memory of his grandchildren having a shabby Christmas will hopefully go along with it.

But if you go down to Croton Avenue in the ‘white” Grove, off west Bay Street, this Christmas you’ll find Grandpappy Hubert ‘dead drunk,’ his grandchildren ‘dead happy’ around the Christmas tree—and Grandpappy Hubert promising for the small man to be ‘dead period,’ if they come around him talking about a broke Christmas! He doesn’t have that gun and sword in his waist, on the cover of this publication, for nothing—and the bottle of liquor to his head is there for a reason too!

During Christmas times, the average Bahamian usually manages to scrape up, borrow, or beg money in order for their families to have a modest but enjoyable holiday. But this Christmas it will be damn near impossible and that will be as a direct result of Hubert Ingraham’s return as Prime Minister and the intimidating and tense atmosphere he has forced on residents and investors in The Bahamas.

The average Bahamian is feeling Ingraham’s wrath based on his policy of randomly taking away jobs and contracts. The loss of both brings immediate consequences to bear because the average Bahamian has long term debts to lending institutions for serious matters such as house mortgages, car mortgages, educational loans and loans for catastrophic illnesses. When added to that the reality that an average Bahamian lives from month-to-month, the loss of a job or a contract usually brings the ocean from under your neck to above your nose—while the wolves are no longer outside your door, but at your dinner table!

Investors in The Bahamas are also feeling Hubert’s wrath because of the slow down, or stoppage in mid-stream, of their projects of which in most cases, they’ve already received monies from financiers or committed monies from their companies to proceed. When one adds to that the grinding halt of The U. S. economy, where people cannot afford to keep their homes; investors who are building second home projects in The Bahamas must re-think these projects based on the schizophrenia of The FNM Government and the dwindling second home dollars available. A suddenly traumatized and scared foreign investor means a broke and out of work existence for Bahamian contractors and their employees. This pain is sure to hit the average Bahamian family like a massive heart attack!

When all of this is added to a new low in quality essential utilities, while the cost of these essential utilities skyrockets, along with a number one industry of Tourism and it’s sites being reduced to a Liberty City experience and atmosphere with flea market shops that have real fleas in them—the average Bahamian can only be grateful for having life, or wishing a quick death upon Hubert Ingraham. The present wholesale suffering of average Bahamians has to leave one wondering, why did Hubert really come back to lead the nation? Could a human being really exist to only cause wholesale misery on the average population of a nation? And how could a human being turn a country into a pauper’s existence for Christmas, when just six months ago there was unprecedented growth in the economy?

This kind of behavior has never been shown by any human being in a democratic western world. But it has been shown in the movies by such monsters as Godzilla, King Kong, Chucky, The Gremlins and Jason—and now we can add Hubert Ingraham to the list. Yes, he has stole Christmas from the average Bahamian this year. But for those grandparents who don’t know how in the world they are going to be able to afford gifts for their grand children this Christmas—just go down by Grandpappy Hubert’s house because his grand children will certainly have more gifts then they could ever need!