The Nassau Guardian has fired its Copy Editor



Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press can confirm management of the Nassau Guardian has summarily terminated the services of its copy editor following a SEXUAL stalking episode in the newsroom.

Readers would remember BP broke the story how a staff member in the editorial room wrote a love letter, declaring his affection for a male colleague some time in late October. For months the “sexually aroused” editor had been making predator-like advances to the employee, who had violently rejected his advances. The editor’s abuse and harassments continued against the young man forcing the matter to reach a boiling point at the beginning of November.

The love letter, we are told, had sent shock waves throughout the entire Guardian newsroom and left staff slack jawed. “With all the fine women on staff here, why did this JACKASS be so bold as to literally to drop his pants in front of another man is incredible? Knowing this is unacceptable,” a staffer said.

We are told when the copy editor delivered the letter to the married man, the reciepient became violent and began ‘cussin’ to the top of his voice. The colleague then reported the matter to the Chief Editor, who took the serious situation to Human Resources department.

A similar incident occurred at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas previously. That incident was hushed and swept under the ‘dutty’ rug at the BCB. Nothing was ever done to scold the employee, who we are told has an obsession for young newsroom boys.

Sexual predators seem to have overtaken media in the Bahamas and it is no wonder, news in the country cannot come “STRAIGHT” anymore.


  1. This is one example of what goes on in the work place.we spend alot of the time around co-workers and things like this happens.we fall in love with colleagues but its not supposed to be like that.some of us feel more comfortable around co-workers than we do around friends/family.he should be fired… gay self.he needs to mentally checked as well.

  2. He deserved to get fired for such unscrupulous behavior! No means NO! On too many jobs, especially in government this type of behavior is used to intimidate employees. Its about time some one stands up, and the reporter should be glad that they outcome was only a verbal lashing and not a physical one. He just needs to “STOP LIKIN’ MAN” and for the many men who target females on the job–GO HOME TO YOUR WIVES or find a WOMAN who wants You! Bottom line: Lets respect each OTHER!

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