The Obama/McCain Battle of the 'Best Dance'


Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off – Watch more free videos


  1. Generalcrazy are you serious? Who and what would lock you up for talking crap? Please know I meant nothing by it and I don’t hate any of the candidates. I was merely making jokes and I thought you would have seen it that way. It was not my intention to offend you and if I did I am really apologetic. Realizing that this topic is very sensitive to some, I would prefer to discontinue discussing it as well.

  2. if i talked that way about the obama campaign I woud be locked up for hate crimes. sorry kim but this is where i stop talkin to you as you have crossed the line.

  3. Please generalcrazy all of this is just so funny, an old delusional and senile man and the former prom queen running for president and vice president, the year has to be 2008.….Jokes……

  4. God pray for America if Obama was to win. We cant take a chance for an Obama Presidency, VOTE McCain 2008!

  5. Generalcrazy we can’t take a chance, you see McCain could hardly move out his own way if something happens to him, do you realize who would take over from him? God help the USA! I hear everyday McCain aides is have to remind him that he is running for president….lol…..

  6. Kim!!!!!!!!!! I do switch but the other channels are way too biased and pathetic to continue to watch, they are far from objective, they are simply part of the Obama campaign now. They just cant stop attacking palin and mccain, its so sad. Fox is the only fair and balanced news channel on US TV right now. That last line alone shows they have you brain washed too, saying false hope. I hope you wont cry to much when Obama looses.

  7. Generalcrazy!!! You need to switch the channels….I see you still relying on Fox News for your latest election updates aye? Every body knows that’s Republicans territory, they can’t be trusted to be objective. They still there giving them McCain Palin supporters false hope, when the writing is already on the wall….this is sad!!….lol….

  8. @Kim, sorry that is untrue, it sounds like lies being spread by MSNBsucks and CNNobama and other biased news media. The Obama campaign is a joke now.

  9. ha ha!! What jokes I am hearing? Trouble in the McCain Palin camp! Republican operatives say that Sarah Palin is undermining the McCain campaign by running her own campaign messages. Palin is making it obvious she is unhappy how she has been handled by her campaign staff. They are now referring to Palin as a Diva, because of all the designer clothes she being spotting recently. One more week to go and this is the best they can do? They are arguing over petty stuff like clothes…Jokes and more Jokes…..

  10. If this dance off was to determine who would win the election, I would say the republicans win, that’s some serious moves by John McCain. That person who represent him in the video, really made him look good.
    McCain knows even when he was young he never could of dance half as good as that……Jokes….

  11. Obama Bin Laden truly shocked me, he is such a stick normally, must be that upper class harvard education. Glad to see him loosening up finally.

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