Bimini Bay workers fired, WHERE IS DION FOULKES?



The Bimini Bay resort is advertising to fill vacancies at the property. But workers – who were told they would return in November – must now be very uncomfortable after seeing their jobs advertised in the local WUTLESS dailies.

Nassau, Bahamas: Bimini workers are hoodwinked again! The Bimini Bay Resort just last month fired scores of workers and sent home additional ones at the 740 acres of pristine beach. The dismissed workers were told that they will be returned in November. They received no compensation for their dismissal.

Bahamas Press however is shocked and surprise to see the property advertising for “career opportunities” in the same departments person were told they would be return to in November. Hotel Union official Leo Douglas warned hotel workers throughout the country about accepting packages from uncommitted hotel owners, who are using the recession to fire longstanding employees.

It is now clear that Bimini Bay in this instance, never intended to have workers returned to the property in Novemeber. And we believe many at other hotel properties are practising this same injustice to hundreds of other workers in the hotel business.



Minister of Labour Dion Foulkes


  1. Wisdom don’t feel bad, I can assure that you are not alone. Fifty Dollars is a lot to many unemployed persons out there, if some of them could of even find a dollar that would of mean a lot to them. That’s how rough the economy is right now.

  2. Just a poll: All BP blogers who needs $50 let Wisdom know today.

    On that note, Wisdom MAY be able to help if Barrack Obama wins the USA Presidential Elections, in which I doubt Barack would accomplish this ambitious feat.

    I can tell you why Obama and the Democrats would loss this election, but I would leave that for November 6th. Remenber you heard it from wisdom first.

    Anyway, the $50 polling request, is to assure me that, “AM NOT ALONE” needing $50.

  3. Are any of these comments by Bimini residents? We should all hear from folks who live on Bimini and particularly ones who know what’s going on on Bimini. They, after all, are the most affected by these events.

  4. Well, Well What happen to the black GM that came from the big hotel out west here in Nassau, That a saving if you let him go from there and than you can save about 50 locals job.

  5. Canesfins your comment made the most sense. Why should company keep unproductive employees during hard times? They are already seen as liabilities to company. It is hard to accept so many people losing their jobs, but the harsh reality is people go into business to make a profit and to keep their business operating into the future. We just have to try and assist each other as much as possible in this time of need.

  6. Kim – please understand that in order to keep the doors open in these tough times businesses have to cut expenses. Employees, especially when not productive, are expenses that generally are cut first because that is the only expense that can be cut. Its hard times, but executives at busiensses have to figure out ways to keep the doors open.

  7. Hemibahama: Many people should consider become entrepreneurs, because most companies view their employees as commodities, like you say, their main concern is their bottom line. I know what is to work in large companies and to make valuable contributions, yet the owners of the business never knew my name. I know of people who have worked forty years on a job and die while working for the company and few managers turned out for their funerals, but the owners of the company was to busy to attend. I have seen people got injured on the job and no flowers or get well card was forwarded to their hospital room or home from the company. Realizing how cold the cooperate world was and all they wanted from me was my ideas and energy, I decided for last year and eight months to go into business for myself. Being in business is not easy, but I am going to do my best to stick it out. There are two talented teenagers that are working for me and we have become like a close knitted family, there are weeks when business is slow and they understand that I am not able to pay them their full salaries, but I allow them to use my shop to do other things like nails or to braid someone’s hair so they can make monies for themselves. This is what I call helping each other in a time of crisis.

  8. It is time we view government ministers for who they really are, they are just human that promises solutions to all of our problems. Even the ones with the best intentions are not capable of correcting the entire problems that we face as a society. During an election these people would promise the moon and the stars that don’t belong to them, just to get in office. We must stop placing all of our trust in these men; because they will disappoint you. The only solution to all of our problems is God. We must trust him and in doing this, it means that we must show love for each other. The country is in a recession now, but we can get though this if we love, support and encourage to each other. Yes many workers have lost their jobs and things look rough right now, but all is not lost. Let all of us come together and help each other where ever possible.

  9. Man what yall want the government to do. Tell the people dont lay off. That what happens when you work in the industry layoff in slow periods. Take a walk in Atlantis there is nothing happening. I feel bad for the people but they have a union some of them. I know this is a recession but this is happening worldwide. Government cant tell the hotel don’t layoff once it is not against the law they will right now. I think this is the time that the government CLEAN UP NASSAU BAYSTREET AND THE PORT while this country is slow. Instead of giving people handouts give them a job helping to clean up this place.

  10. There are certain people on this blog that worships these political parties, if you say anything about any member of their party, they becomes very offended and protective. You would swear that they are being paid to protect these parties. Both parties have their share of wrong doers and I will not be getting work up over any political party. My focus is MPs who are making good changes in our country; they could be from the PLP or FNM. The ones that are doing wrong I will talk about them too. That is what I call being unbiased.

  11. Well Joe, I hope I would soon see that letter soon in the WUTLESS Tribune asking the same question you asked us. We shall see if you have the GUTS to do so.

    BP/ Editor

  12. @Joe, in that necks thread, it appeared as though Barack Obama is your “master” now? Or perhaps he is just your messiah, or just the one? 😀

  13. I take you at your word. Certainly anyone who was told they would return to their employment in November should be able to return unless they took a package deal.
    I have no “master” and I have no need to look to anyone but myself for my well being,
    both monetarily and otherwise. I serve neither gentlemen.I have no need to “try” to think. Anyone who reads what I post know I am well educated, proactive and not reactive and try my best to be kind to all. You would do well to try to emulate some of my better attributes.

  14. Bishop Simeon Hall was on ZNS calling on employers in the country, particular in the tourism sector to place moratorium on layoff until the beginning of the New Year. Bishop Hall is appealing to all employers to find creative ways to keep their workers employed until after the Christmas Holidays, which are just eight weeks away. He also when as far to say, “To whom much is given, much is required. Those who benefit from the good of the country should go a little further in these hard economic times.”

    If more business owners were able to feel compassion like Bishop Hall towards the less fortunate, we not have many people losing their jobs. All theses businesses are concerned about our profits, there don’t care what their employees are going through, they view them as commodities that can easily disregarded. It is sad you spend so many years loyally working for a company, helping in their success and as soon as the going gets a little rough they want to turn their backs on you. The politician who suppose was elected to stand up for you, have disappeared into thin air, while these business are left to do as they please. Between the Business owners and Politicians they make the world look so cold.

  15. We meant to say “we have written less than we know” AND on here, it is THE WUTLESS TRIBUNE and NOT JUST TRIBUNE. We know for a FACT all of the positions advertised in Friday’s paper were positions held by persons who are to return at the property in NOVEMBER.

    Secondly, WHY advertised for new employees when for a FACT you sent home scores of workers just weeks ago?

    Sometimes I think person like you JOE (THE PLUMBER) are not getting paid enough and hope to show your MASTERS you are trying to think. BUT ASK YOUR LEADER about Bahamas Press, and he would tell you, DON’T COME PLAYING WITH THAT WEBSITE! CHRISTIE OR HUBERT WHICH EVER ONE YOU SERVE.

    Bahamas Press / Editor

  16. Media: My goodness! I merely asked for more information before I could make any educated comments. Why does that bother you so much? You accuse the Tribune of not telling the full story and then you show a picture and a headline that does not tell the full story.
    What do you mean when you say “listen we have listen less than we know”?(Am I correct when I guess you are saying you wrote less in the article than you know on the subject?) I am not a government employee nor am I biased. I just do not think it in the best interest of anyone to comment on a story on which I do not have the full information.

  17. Empty is putting it lightly. If it didnt make you look ignorant people would opt NOT to vote during an election. What or who are we voting for? People who are as sweet as sugar before an election and turn into “dont care monsters” afterwards.

  18. All these people being send home, where the politician who seem to care so much for the people during the election? How come he can’t be seen or heard from? What empty promises!!

  19. Well Joe BLOW (THE PLUMBER) we have written less than we know. The restaurant was closed and the Bahamians home. However, the South Americans are still working in the cafeteria. So ask yourself JOE, how can the Bahamians be fired and told they would be back in November. These are the same jobs advertised at Bimini Bay. And we should ask, is Bimini Bay looking for Hondurans to fill the JOB? Can you answer that JOE?

    Now when you go to Hubert, tell him please raise your pay. ALSO until I see a letter to the editor in the WUTLESS Tribune asking he same then WE at Bahamas Press would respect the words of a BIASED JOE BLOW!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  20. I know it sounds illogical to suggest that if company are not making monies, that should keep employees on. What I meant to say firing employees during a recession should be the last alternative.

  21. Joe Blow may be I am not understanding, but the only thing I could see is every time I cut on my television I am hearing this amount of persons were made redundant today, it is not easy listening to this. Who are these people that these companies are sending home, some of these people are the only provider in their family, some of these people are sick and their jobs was their only means to pay for their medication and treatment, some of these people have mortgages and school fee to pay and list can go on and on. These people are not just numbers, they are people with needs. When you have high unemployment rate, you usually have high crime rates as well, because people needs to survive. This is not the time to send these people home.

  22. Before we jump the gun let us read who they are advertising for. Head Chef, Director of Activities, Systems Administrator, Director of Human Resources.(At least that is what the picture shows). It would stand to reason if those who originally held these positions were let go and had been doing a good job no doubt they either took a package and moved on or were offered jobs elsewhere. Unless the company was interviewed and asserted they would not rehire those who were promised they would return in November, we must show some caution. It does not stand to reason that any reputable company would let excellent workers go just to save a few dollars on almost non-existent benefits. We ask B.P. to give us a few more details before we make our opinions known on the subject.

  23. Where is Dion Foulkes, the Minister of Labour? How could he allow these employers to be firing workers and advertising for new workers the same time and not utter a word? Why is he hiding at a time when unemployed Bahamians need to hear from him? These politicians make me sick!!

  24. What jokes I am hearing? How could the company be laying off current employees and advertising for new worker the same time? Many employers seem to be using this recession as an excuse to get rid of long serving employees. The reason is people who have been on a job for a while is entitle to more benefits and vacation than a new employee. That is why they hire new people and works them twice as hard and pays them less money. This is sad for these heartless employers to be doing this at a time when people really needs their jobs. The other day I went to the groceries store my eyes got full with tears when I look at some of those prices, I know plenty people do not have a job and can not afford to buy groceries to feed their families. Everything just cost so much, I don’t even understand how food stores can be carrying up prices so high in a recession, when so many people are losing their jobs everyday.

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