The people that walked in DARKNESS see blackness!


Kenneth ‘Da Janitor’ Russell>>>

Freeport, Bahamas — Unlike the biblical saying, another Independence Day has passed in the Bahamas and the people of Grand Bahama has yet to see light. Bahamas Press spent its holiday with some people in the northern city and today we’ve decided to shed some light on them.

The independence celebrations were held without grand fanfare on Grand Bahama as like in the capital, and boy we ‘gat’ something to tell you. We understand Kenneth ‘Da Janitor’ Russell was called to inspect the guards during the ceremony, but guess what happened? As he was invited to, the power on the island went out. Kenneth in all his blackness went invisible immediately as he hobbled his way in the pitch dark back to his seat.

Grand Bahamians stood in amazement, as the dull ceremony didn’t even make the news. Stringers from the Northern Island reported how none of the government agencies showed up for the ceremonies on Friday, none save the police. No Customs officers. No Immigration officers and no Road Traffic officials.

Agents on the ground tell us, “The no-shows were a sign of things to come for the Ingraham government from the people of Grand Bahama,” who were left in the dark since the election of 2007.

“Where is the new hospital Ingraham promised us in 1991? You know BP, only you remember that? It been soo long even we forgot how he promise to build a new hospital for Grand Bahama more than18 years ago,” a resident of GB told BP.

“You would also remember how Ingraham at the Thank you rally following the 2007 election told us how he will appoint a Minister of Grand Bahama Affairs to give the island full Cabinet attention the next time he shuffles his Cabinet. SMOKE AND MIRRORS!”

The sad reality is Grand Bahama has five MPs sitting on the government side and one ‘SNITCH’ on the PLP. The government continues to whine over the global recession as it attempts to justify its neglect of the nation’s second city.

Things are so bad in Grand Bahama we are told every minister is ducking constituents while the people are left to crawl on their belly.

We say to the people of Grand Bahama, “IT AIN’T LONG NAH!”