The PLP has bills and so does Carl Bethel…PAY NIB THAT DEAD WOMAN MONEY!


Nassau Bahamas — Everyone is asking the question what is wrong with the website In fact on more than one occasion, we at BP have published material cussing the fact that certain PLPs and their material was invisible to the online world.

We believe the day has come for the PLP to get with its message and start chopping down the tree of the FNM. But that is another story for another day.

Bahamas Press became bewildered however, when we saw a press statement from CARL ‘UNDERNOURISED’ BETHEL telling the public of the PLP woes in cyberspace. Now this was interesting as he sought to highlight the fact that the PLP appeared to be unable to keep its official website online.

Bethel said, “Because of apparent negligence and late again culture, the PLP proved incompetent in doing something as simple as keeping its website on. Perhaps this is another bill the PLP has neglected to pay…”

Bethel must be an idle man indeed to be monitoring and following the PLP website. Perhaps Ryan Pinder’s win in Lizzy along with the PIMP SLAP delivered to him by Papa as he was drop kicked out of the Cabinet room last November has left Bethel with nothing else to do.

Could you imagine, a fired Minister of Education who could not stop the children from getting molested by teachers come to the public talking about how the PLP cannot maintain a website?

This is the same former minister who could not find Andre Birbal after his department released him to the world to threaten more children in the society.

This is the same minister who could not pay 60 teachers in the education system in August of last year and therefore terminated them from active service.

This is the same former minister who you would remember, STOPPED, Cancelled and Reviewed the Government Guarantee Loan programme; which stopped the dreams of tertiary education for thousands of young Bahamians. Leaving them jobless, hopeless and sucked into a vacuum of crime now breaking out in a wave across the country.

And this is the same MP and publicly disgraced minister who failed to pay National Insurance for a former employee who died and whose children could not receive their entitled death benefit because the employer [Bethel] failed to pay NIB.

Carl ‘Undernourished’ Bethel should be the last person to discuss nonpayment in the press or be concern about the PLP bills. We do know however, he has plenty time on his hands and has to make coffee and sit in the FNM headquarters wasting time online looking at the PLP


  1. You talking Rodney Carl should ask his leader where is the payment of all the money for all the people of CLICO? Where is the payment of the money to the people at COB? Where is the money owed to contractors all over this country by the government?

    As we always say Carl Bethel should be the last person taking fool about a website when HIS Lawfirm failed to pay NIB contribution to a deceased secretary at the company. The woman died and because they never paid NIB the children could not get their mother’s death benefit. I wonder if that Cargill man has that company on the list who fail to pay NIB and is about to prosecute.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  2. How stupid it was for the fnm to be putting out statements on the plp website when ZNS was OFF for three whole days! Who ain’t pay that bill? This is the third anniversary of the fnm returning to power and this the best they could do?

  3. Everyone should pay their bills but there are more pressing issues for CARL to be wasting time commenting on an issue like this when pertsons are losing money with the ill advised change of roads on Market and Blue Hill roads.Its amazing that persons in the Bahamas act like those who claim there was no HOLOCAUST.Shame on you Eddie as you are placing yourself in this group of ,”see no evil,hear no evil”.

  4. I do understand that sometimes the truth hurts. Mr Bethel was merely pointing to the fact that historically the PLP have a problem managing its affairs. One of the problem is about paying its bills. They often time pretend that they are above the law…..if you cannot pay to keep a simple website up and running then I’m going to wonder about your capacity to deal with more complex issues.

  5. This PAPA character is one mean and callous dude.He is emasculating Carl who has been given the task of getting FNms ready for d day.Carl needs to get his hip out from on top of that chasir and travel on the Sports Center Rd as persons frustrated with traversing Market St have now resorted to using this route all bcos a stupid decision was made to turn Blue Hill Rd and Market St one way.If Carl is not careful he will be blamed since the three blind mice Ministers who met with the people ast the churtch on Market St has let it be known that the Govt is not going to rescind the order of reversal.When all hell breaks loose Carl will be the fall guy as PAPA has his foot deep in his posterior.

  6. Come tonight at 10 PM BP will have some words for the ‘DUTTY WUTLESS TRIBUE, OBIE WILCHCOMBE and the PLP. Stay Tuned!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

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