The POCA Law came into force in the Bahamas today and, boy, some people are shivering…


Minnis Government is coming for the People Assets as POCA LAW came into effect today!

Persons must now prove how they came into their funds and assets or it will be confiscated by the Government!

Nassau – The Proceeds Of Crime Act [POCA] became law today in the Bahamas, which is part of a series of laws to prevent persons who may have acquired assets or funds unlawfully from using those funds to purchase property, houses, and other assets.

The law is designed to combat terrorist financing, and, so, how does it work? If you have assets like property, and you are a citizen/resident of the Commonwealth you will have to prove how you got that wealth! And if you fail to prove that your assets were attained by lawful means, THE STATE [The Government of the Bahamas] will have the right to take possession of it!

Now this is good because plenty people are walking up and down in The Bahamas with things they have no idea about how they got them.

All we ga say is this: POCA is now law and dey coming for ya things!

We report yinner decide!


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