The practicing Santeria Religion Chairman of the FNM Darren Cash must be losing it!


Darron Cash himself was once the Chairman of the Bahamas Development Bank -These people have short memory or has gone crazy!

American Sources in Miami have confirmed to BP that the Chairman of the FNM Daron Cash was seen in Hialeah consorting with a know Santeria High Priest - a pantheistic Afro-Cuban CULT! WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS???? We also understand the wicked witch of the east is also a practitioner of Santeria...

People who practise OBEAH does turn crazy! Darren Cash is politically DISHONEST! The Wutless media who carried his comments this morning is equally dishonest!

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — We here at BP were stunned by the most recent press statement by the Chairman of the FNM, Darren Cash. He was supposedly attacking the Christie led Government, on the appointment of a former PLP Women’s Branch Officer, as Managing Director of the Bahamas Development.

Wow, is he attacking the appointment because she is a woman? or because she is a PLP?  Is this the same Darren Cash who served as Chairman of the Bahamas Development Bank? Was it not the FNM Government that appointed him Chairman?

Would Mr. Cash advise whether the previous Managing Director of the Bahamas Development Bank, Anthony Woodside was a former senior party officer of the FNM? In fact, retired former Managing Director Anthony Woodside who also served as Treasurer of the Free National Movement. Cash is a hypocrite!

This idiot Chairman of the FNM cannot be serious. It is UNBELIEVABLE!

We here at BP are now asking our readers to question his sanity. This jackass cannot be serious.

When his party appointed its Cronies that is ok, but when Christie appoints sane and sensible people, its a problem?

We say to Mr. Cash, stop practicing that funny Santeria Religion and just shut up, we have had enough Already.