China dreams of ending global poverty and spreading world peace by 2050

Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to The Bahamas, Hu Shan, addresses guests to the 64th National Day anniversary of the founding of the PRC. - BIS Photo / Gena Gibbs - .

Nassau, The Bahamas — Celebrating 64 years of national economic development and social progress, the People’s Republic of China has reinvented itself through sustainable international investments in globalisation.  On September 27, China’s Resident Ambassador to the Bahamas, His Excellency Hu Shan, delivered brief remarks about China’s significant contribution to the world’s economic growth since its reform and opening up more than 30 years ago.

“In 2012, China’s GDP reached $8.2 trillion US Dollars, covering over 11 percent of the total of the world’s GDP and contributing more than 20 percent to the economic growth of the world as a whole.  In the first half of this year, China realised a 7.6 percent GDP growth, maintaining the momentum of steady growth, which was still the highest among major economies in the world,” said Ambassador Hu.

He said that in the next five years, China will import a total of $10 trillion US dollars from other countries and its total investment to other countries will surpass $500 billion US dollars.

“With the transformation of growth pattern and adjustment of economic structure, China will provide even more opportunities in trade and investment development for the rest of the world, and bring new vitality to the global economy,” he told guests.

Ambassador Hu said that in the past 12 months, the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the annual meetings of the National People’s Congress  and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference were successfully convened.

“Xi Jinping was elected the general secretary of the Communist Party of China, and Li Keqiang, the new premier of the Chinese government.  All those marked the smooth transfer of leadership of both the party and the government, and projected a grand blueprint of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and accelerating the process of China’s socialist modernisation,” said Ambassador Hu.

“President Xi Jinping put forward the important new concept of the Chinese dream, the basic content of which is to turn China into a prosperous, strong, democratic, culturally-advanced, harmonious and modern socialist country and to achieve prosperity and revitalisation of the Chinese nation and happiness of the Chinese people by 2050,” he said.

Ambassador Hu said the Chinese dream is the dream of people from all Chinese ethnic groups, representing the dream of each and every individual Chinese.  He said the Chinese dream pursues a lofty goal of the happiness of over 1.3 billion Chinese people, with the expectation that one fifth of the world’s population say goodbye to poverty forever so that they could live and work in peace.

“The Chinese dream is a dream of peace.  Bearing this in mind, China is committed to peaceful development.  The Chinese dream is also a dream of development.  Keeping this in mind, China never aims to conquer, surpass, or replace anyone, but bring benefits to the Chinese people and common development to the world.  So, the Chinese dream itself is nothing more than an important contribution to world peace and development,” said Ambassador Hu.

Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes and Lady Foulkes were among the guests at the 64th National Day anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China. Also pictured from left: Mrs. Pinder; Financial Services Minister Ryan Pinder; and Madame Liu Ping, wife of Ambassador Hu Shan.

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