PM Minnis and Sen. Mitchell

Statement by the Chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party

In these most challenging of times for Bahamians throughout the Bahamas, Prime Minister Minnis’ contribution to the 2021-2022 Budget Debate in Parliament today, 2 June, fell short on transparency and was loaded with political lies and more election promises.

After four years of neglecting the plight of ordinary Bahamians, Dr. Minnis now says his FNM government will ensure the wealth of the Bahamas becomes common.

Dr. Minnis, after giving the Atlantis Resort the ok to let go 700 Bahamian workers with piece – piece separation pay packages, told Parliament and the Bahamian people that more jobs are on the way.

With a bold and straight face, Dr. Minnis noted that many, yes many people, are telling him things are getting better.

Dr. Minnis, by his ongoing utterances, proved again today that he is far removed from the struggles and sufferings of ordinary Bahamians. He is seemingly too consumed listening to his new found elite friends.

Dr. Minnis failed to give any details or specifics as to how the millions of dollars borrowed by this FNM government have been spent. True to form, rather than give an adequate accounting of this administration’s performance over the past four years, Dr. Minnis spent much of his time sounding off big numbers with no connect to the thousands of Bahamians who remain jobless, homeless and uncertain about where their next meals are coming from.

For a moment in Parliament today, Dr. Minnis appeared to have forgotten the Bahamian people rendered their verdict on the PLP administration back in 2017. Dr. Minnis attempted to deflect from this FNM government’s failures by twisting the facts about the PLP. His constant attacks on PLP Leader, Hon. Philip Brave Davis, are without merit.

Rather than inspire meaningful hope for our nation’s future, Prime Minister Minnis’ contribution offered more political lies and empty promises to the Bahamian people.

As the Labour Day Holiday approaches and Bahamian businesses continue to collapse because of the way Dr. Minnis and the FNM have mismanaged the Hurricane Dorian and present COVID-19 crises, Dr. Minnis had the nerve to tell Parliament and Bahamians struggling to pay bills today that working families are in his heart and soul everyday.
Considering the hardships Bahamians are now experiencing, Dr. Minnis’ feel good presentation in Parliament today is borderline offensive.

Bahamians are not fools.

This FNM Budget represents the desperation of a failed and uncaring government bearing last minute incentive gifts and empty promises to swing the Bahamian people for votes.

Dr. Minnis and the FNM political lies and pie in the sky promises will not work this time.

They must go.