Statement from Mario Bowleg, candidate for Garden Hills PLP – On Slanderous Video

Mario Bowleg – Garden Hills

There’s a video circulating over various social media platforms making nasty personal attacks against the FNM candidate for Garden Hills, Mr. Stephen Greenslade. To support these smears, the video includes images of me and my family.

I wish to say publicly that I totally condemn this video, which was made without my knowledge or consent. From the way the allegations are made, it appears to reflect some kind of internal battle within the FNM, rather than any genuine political difference between Mr. Greenslade and me.

This attack is petty and malicious. It is not what I stand for, and it’s certainly not a true reflection of the man I am – personally or professionally.

As I have taught to the many young people I have mentored over the years, every competition should reflect the highest personal values.

I run a clean and transparent campaign. My team and I are committed to working tirelessly for the people of Garden Hills.

We will continue to run a race that is spiritually guided, one that is built on truth and integrity.

God leads our path.

I seek to represent the people of Garden Hills because I know that the Vision, Policies and Plans of our Progressive Liberal Party can best meet their needs, and will help to build a better Bahamas.

Even though our country is suffering from the worst crisis in our history, made worse by the most incompetent, uncaring administration Bahamians have ever known, it is still no excuse for this kind of behaviour.

These kind of nasty attacks have no place in the kind of politics I am engaged in, and no candidate, their families or friends should have to endure it.

I have spoken to Mr. Greenslade to offer him my personal support. We have agreed to continue to engage with each other as worthy opponents.

Those who have mis-used the pictures of my family in this way should be sought out and punished.

I am Mario K Bowleg, the chosen candidate for the Progressive Liberal Party.

Thank you