The Progressive Liberal Party 
Re: Robbery at BTC – Part Two


January 16, 2011

Julian Francis has admitted that while he was Chairman of BTC, the company awarded a contract to Providence Advisors Limited, a company of which he was also Chairman. Providence Advisors Limited will have been paid large sums in fees of the Bahamian people’s money over 3 years. Julian Francis has also not denied that the contract awarded did not go out to tender as is required by the FNM declared policy.

Julian Francis has also admitted that he is a shareholder in a local entity called Mango. Julian Francis has not denied that while he was Chairman of BTC he instructed the Executive Management Team of BTC to meet the company called Mango with a view to utilizing their services in a Profit Sharing/Partnership Agreement with BTC.

Julian Francis has admitted that he is Chairman and a Shareholder of Mango. Julian Francis also did not deny that Mango had not participated in the bidding process, as is required by the FNM declared policy.

Julian Francis has been caught in a blatant conflict of interest, offenses may have been committed under the Prevention of Bribery Act and Julian Francis has violated the FNM own Code of Ethics as is outlined in their seven (7) principles of public life on page 36 of 2007 FNM Manifesto. (Please see attached)

Additionally, our sources have disclosed that Julian Francis has a business connection with Reuben Rahming, who heads the Public Transportation Association of The Bahamas (PTAB) and also runs a complementary advertising company called Bahamas Fleet Management Solutions (BFMS) which handles all of the BTC mobile ads on buses under contract and also have BTC listed as a client on their website.

See BFMS Ads Here:

PTAB also is the bus company who is linked with the mango card initiative. PTAB and BFMS we are advised have the monopoly with BTC’s BUS ads and related business. Was it the Acting President or the Executive Chairman who gave the instructions to BTC’s Marketing Vice President to issue an exclusive contract to Bahamas Fleet Management Solutions? How much monies have been paid by BTC to Bahamas Fleet Management Solutions from the commencement of the agreement to December 31st 2010?

The PLP supports the view of Editor of the Nassau Guardian which stated in its editorial on Friday 14th January, 2011, “…the public has a right to expect the same level of corporate governance that is applied to and required from the private sector should also obtain when it comes to managing the affairs of the Bahamian people”.

We also agree that the best course for Julian Francis is that he should resign from BTC.

Since Julian Francis cannot restrain himself from intermingling his personal affairs with that of BTC, the PLP calls for Julian Francis to be fired immediately.

This latest episode by Julian Francis is a continued pattern of corruption, breaches of the Code of Ethics, and possible breaches of the Prevention of Bribery Act by senior FNM political appointees.


  1. You will never again see the British Rule in the Bahamas. We have educated our people from the inseption of Majority Rule, to Run Our Own Country.

    The Bahamian brilliant young minds and older minds alike would not be enslaved or be divided by any other power again.

  2. 2012 elections would have been the CDR’s for the taking. But like most politicians the CDR was bought out. I don’t only blame BJ Nott age, but all of those other candidates that ran on the CDR ticket in 2002. Not one of them had the stick-ability to rise from the ashes, as did the SDP & BDP, who helped the FNM emerged to power.

    Christie and Ingraham pulled BJ Nott age in and they are all in the BIGGEST game of life “Politics.”

    Where do we go from here? Nowhere soon. Just roll with the blows!

    Trust me on this: Mr. Christie and the PLP will regain political power 2012 as sure as NIGHT follows DAY, and THUNDER follows LIGHTNING!

    Mr. Christie would protect Mr. Ingraham, as sure as WHITE sticks on RICE! Or stink on dung.
    We must give it to our leaders: Mr. Pindling, Mr. Ingraham & Mr. Christie, must be the greatest minds in modern politics, globally!

    Lets face it, we have few political leaders left. After Christie term in 2017. The British will return power, TCI was just a dry test run, watch what will happen when the British takes over. for sure, LAW & ORDER will return.

  3. Sure, same with most the PLP and FNMs that have been in government right from the top down, they have also had their share of conflict of interest where they held shares in companies they brought into jobs. Going after one person because he talks bad about one of your PLP goons does not cut it. Please go back to the drawing board and if you want to get NON PLPS and NON FNMS with you then you need to bring all the other and more powerful money grabbers into the limelight. The PLPs have a LONG list of corruption so dont you dare leave them out okay?

  4. The thing is we are gonna ask for his resignation only …we should be saying he should be punished to the full extent of the law and charged with bribery…extortion using his position to break the law and sent to prison…he also should have to pay back all the funds him derived from said mishandling… his cohorts and his companys should payback to he bahamian people and busineses licenses should be revoked for taking advantage of the position granted to him. an enquiry in to all business transaction by BTC since he has been put in office and all connected with him…this includes those under him…becasue im sure they must have followed suit……..
    SEND him and others to jail….if it was me or you they would have done just that…….
    lets see what those incharge are going to do that includes the police, criminal investigation depart, along with the attorney generals office and those incharge of bringing charges againt wrong doers.
    Remember this man admitted to defrauding the government for his own and others personal gain…… should this go unpunished? the world is watching………dont make all Bahamians out to be stupid….

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