The Speaker abruptly adjourns Parliament to Monday May 3rd…

Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Hubert Minnis [Left] and Speaker Hon. Halson D. Moultrie

NASSAU| The Speaker of the House Halson D. Moultrie has lashed-out on the Minnis Government for putting the lives of staff at the Parliament in jeopardy. Speaker Moultrie has abruptly adjourned the Parliament until Monday May 3rd, 2020.

This comes after yesterday BP broke the story that the Chief Clerk of the Parliament had contracted Covid19 and tested positive.

Yesterday Moultrie told the press that the staff will be going into self-quarantine. However, the Government decided to have Parliament sit today.

Moultire returned to Parliament today attacking the Minnis government for being irresponsible believing they can strong-arm the Parliament.

We report yinner decide!