Decent LAW AND ORDER police officer shipped back to New Providence after he arrested the relative of a crooked FNM MP!

COP Paul Rolle and Deputy COP Ismella David

NASSAU| A decent senior police who is a stickler for LAW AND ORDER was recently transferred to a Family Island, but after he arrested the lawless relative of a sitting FNM MP, he has been victimized.

BP is following how the officer, following the arrest of a member of that criminal family, was returned to New Providence to sit in a room and count books.

The Police Force, we believe, has become too politically tainted that even decent officers cannot uphold the law without being victimized for following LAW AND ORDER!

The Officer was immediately removed from the Family Island and placed in an empty room in Nassau.

BP is calling on all decent, right-thinking Bahamians not to fight them with words. GO FIND THE NEAREST PARLIAMENTARY REGISTRATION OFFICE and REGISTER TO VOTE! And take all ya family with you!

We report yinner decide!