Senior officers inside Immigration given letters informing them that junior officers will supercede them

Department of Immigration

NASSAU| BAHAMAS PRESS continues to warn Prime Minister Hubert Minnis to get a handle on the Department of Immigration before a major collapse of the country begins. 

We are learning Immigration Director Clarence Russell, who is a police officer, by the way, has decided to pass over experience in Immigration and promote Junior Immigration Officers without any experience to the top. Senior officers are being superceded by their juniors at Immigration and were given letters to inform them of the same. 

One of the officers in the list is a personal Public Relations/photographer for the Director Clarence Russell. 

Many of the junior officers were never above average. Some show no kind of knowledge or special skills in the department to climb the ranks above others, but yet it is being done. WHAT IS THIS!?

Some of the persons moving up the ranks have no good character references and are said to be the dumbest of the lot from their graduating class.

Bahamas Press is warning Hubert Minnis that, before the country is broken down like Hitler destroyed Germany, he must correct these incidents where there is little to no attention being paid to what is happening inside his Government! But ya never know, HITLER might be at the centre of all this mess!

We warned yinner! 

We report yinner decide!

Clarence Russell – Director of Immigration