20 persons have landed in Doctor’s Hospital WEST with COVID19 after partying hard with an LGBTQ Gay Pride (Bahamas) Organizer over the Easter Holiday Weekend!


Dealers at Bahamar and Students at St. Andews and St. Anne’s sent home after testing positive with the virus!

LGBTQ Spokesperson Alexus Mya Royale D’Marco with Foreign Affairs Minister Darren Allan Henfield.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is right now reporting some 20 staffers from Comfort Suites Resort and John Bull have been admitted to Doctor’s Hospital West after coming down with a bad case of COVID19. Some believe the cases are the results of the new strain.

In the list of patients admitted is LGBTQ Spokesperson Alexus Mya Royale D’Marco aka ‘Boy-Turn-Gal’, who we are informed by doctors, have not eaten for days up to Wednesday last week!

The list of those who are now in Doctors WEST includes a number of LGBTQ Committee Members, who on the Easter Holiday weekend, were partying hard with the LGBTQ Spokesperson, where some also got their first COVID19 shot and spread the virus like a thick cloud of smoke.

Many would recall how the group got approval by the Minnis Government to host the first GAY PRIDE BAHAMAS event in 2020, but COVID19 put the whole world on lockdown, millions died, and last year for the first time in history Bahamians couldn’t come outside for Church, Carnival or Junkanoo much less for GAY PRIDE!

As this third wave rocks The Bahamas BP is also learning that a group of dealers at Bahamar and several students at St. Andrew’s were sent home today after testing positive for COVID19.

Also, St. Anne’s closed its doors abruptly today and will return to face-to-face learning on May 10th, 2021.

BP is warning residents to exercise serious social distancing when out and about engaging the public.

The Bahamas need to know that all the principals from all the schools in New Providence will be in a meeting with Ministry of Health officials and Ministry of Education deciding the fate of Face to Face or virtual coming back on the scene.

We report yinner decide!