The suspense and intrigue of Who is BP!


Suspense, mingled with intrigue makes a blog most exciting! And yes we at Bahamas Press just LOVE the intrigue part. Because for months now we told you ‘Morehands’ and many others who come in here and frequent this website that Bahamas Press can never ever be one individual, NOR IS IT ANY PERSON MENTIONED TO DATE ON OR OUTSIDE OF THIS WEBSITE. But to us that is here nor there. In fact if it was any of the names thrown out here thus far perhaps we would have remain silent on the matter.

Some said Bahamas Press is P. Anthony White, another said it is Earlin Williams, another said its Carvel Francis. Someone decided it was Gorman Bannister. I in particular was VERY SURPRISE when someone privately noted the name FRED (HUBERT INGRAHAM). They never questioned if that meant Fred Mitchell or Sturrup. But what we know about Bahamas Press, others are trying desperately at the guessing game all to figure out; WHO IS BAHAMAS PRESS?

Some Wutless members of the PLP were playing cards trying to discover WHO CAN IT BE, rather than telling the nation why so many young students were denied the right to an education in this 21st century Bahamas? And kicked out of school by the WUTLESS FNM! And some in the FNM were dealing new hands wondering and flying to HAITI deep in the mountains trying to figure out, why they are getting soo much hell from this website. Forgetting mind you, that they are raining hell on the Bahamian poor by raising taxes and LYING about cutting the fuel surcharge at BEC. Turning off the lights to date of over 6,000 resident homes, and firing 1,200 other temporary workers, turning a once surplus economy from BOOM TO BUST in 12 months. THEY HAVE NO SHAME! But as we said, they too with fear and trembling stand buckling asking themselves, “WHO IS BAHAMAS PRESS?”

And for a moment another frequent blogger on here thought they could hijacked this website. Here is all we would say, Bahamas Press is the collection of many eyes and ears scattered all around this country. With it’s sources – as one rightly put it – with its ears to the ground. Bahamas Press has a place and seat in EVERY NEWSROOM IN THIS COUNTRY! It is the fly on the wall in the Cabinet room of The Bahamas. And the ant on the ground in the circles of the opposition. We are everywhere posting news about everything deemed CREDIBLE NEWS in this country. News such as the pending collapse of Colina which no one to date has the guts to address.

Bahamas Press is the voice of the lost, the weak and the forgotten in this country and yes we are the switch for the WICKED, CORRUPT AND EVIL at the same time. We have become the VOICE OF CHANGE in this Bahamas. A voice that cannot be quieted or VICTIMIZED! We are the eyes and ears of this country who have discovered that the Arms and Legs of our institutions are weak and asleep!

And so to answer the many INTRIGUED fans out there, NO we are NO ONE individual mentioned in this article nor are we anyone to date mention on this BLOG. Yes, Bahamas Press has MANY VOICES and IS a new VOICE IN OUR BAHAMAS!

Bahamas Press/ Editor


  1. That is exactly what the country needs, Kim, but unfortunately the press has been sold and bought by Colina so everyone’s mouths are zipped tightly.

  2. Bahamas Press website is so user friendly, I when to check out some of the other press websites and I was not impressed with their set up. Another plus for BP is the in depth research they does before publishing a story. Whenever, I want no what is going on in this country I checking to see what BP have to say on the matter first, and then I will see what the rest saying.

  3. “BP Edtor – i have a story i’d like to post – how can i make that happen? you can e-mail me.

  4. Bolo……I might never make it into that group of which you speak but I wish to encourage the members to keep it up and eventually emerge as the new leaders in this country. We need that!!

    This country is full of the black crab syndrome and we need to rid outselves of that way of thinking.

    On the subject of ColinaImperial maybe we need to start an online petition to force them to come out of hiding and say what is going on in that company. They might pull a Lehman Bros on us.

  5. Fpo.lady They may not say anything, but they no what time it is. I know they are logging on to Bahamas Press every minute to see what and who are being exposed. Our demand for answers from Colinaimperial has not fallen on deaf ears. They are well aware that their clients and the general public to would like to hear from them; yet they have continue to ignore us. This is not a good sign. They may not wish to grant us a press conference to address our concerns, but BP has allowed us the opportunity to be able to express those concerns without the fair of being victimized.

  6. media, how will we get colinaimperial to address the nation? I have a whole lot of money invested in that company. Thanks to this site we learnt a whole lot about what is going on in our country…. Now how do we make them come forth? Another long serving employee left colinaimperial on friday… I wonder whats next!

  7. BUT ‘FPO.LADY we are doing something. Did you not see how the online petition got Hubert coming back with his words in Parliament TODAY?

    We told people on here how Bahamians were being put in darkness on July 30th remember? IT WAS NOT BEC, nor the Government nor ZNS nor the WUTLESS TRIBUNE OR THE GUARDIAN. It was YOU and ME HERE ON BAHAMAS PRESS. So talking on here is critical.

    NOW stay tuned at for 9PM to see what we have to talk about on another Corporation!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  8. I concur with you kim, drama,and bolo but all we are doing is talking. If we want change lets call for a news conference for colinaimperial. Talking around the problem isnot solving it. Recognizing the problem and NOT doing anything to solve the problem is still not solving the problem. Now that we know the wutless media is not diseminating information to the public what the public needs to know, WHAT IS NEXT? THERE IS STRENGTH IN NUMBERS LETS DO SOMETHING LETS’S CHANGE THE WAY THINGS ARE BEING HANDLE, LETS MAKE THEM COME FORTH WITH INFORMATION BEFORE WE LEARN AFTER THE FACT…. THEN WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?

  9. Drama King my greatest fear is when young, new and fresh leaders emerge, we (Bahamians) start that black crab Syndrome. This is what powers the two party leaders now. We (Bahamians) need to allow new trustworthy Leaders to emerge NOW. The black, old and illiterate citizens who need the most help are the ones who resist.

    I will give you some information later on a group meeting of young professionals who meet quarterly, to discuss politics, the economy, business and the way forward etc. It is by invitation only. Someone have to vouch for you to attend because of the VICTIMIZATION in this country. Stay tune.


  10. All I know is that I am sick of leadership in both major political parties in this country. We need new, YOUNG, fresh ideas.

  11. Kim I agree with you 1000000%.

    This country is in for a rude awakening the sleeper must awaken and when the electorate and people do awaken the chnage will be fullfilled.

    Why are we looking for an Obama we do need someone with vision and the leadership that is needed for a new Bahamas but are we truely ready for change are we ready to say to ourselves that we must bring about that change that is needed.

    It is like this when change is needed it will be there even if that change comes like a comet from space that will come and come fast and very hard.

  12. BP I like the fact that you have chosen to remain anonymous, to often people in our country is being victimized for their views, when we are suppose to be a democratic country. They already brought the rest of wutless media hook, line and sinker and they are now dedicating to them, their journalists are not free to discuss anything. They can only discuss things that are pleasing to its owners. There are so many things that are going on around the country that affects all of us and the other wutless media are not permitted to talk about it. This is not freedom of the press.

    BP remain anonymous, because they are only concerned about whom you are so they can try and shut you up. They don’t like how the Bahamian people are getting all this information. We are becoming too knowledgeable. Our eyes have been open, now we can see a swing a mile away.

  13. Why all the concerns about who BP is? All we need to know is BP is keeping us informed and is doing a fine job compared to those other wutless media. These are the important things we should be focusing on: the poor state of the economy, what is going on at Colinaimperial, the downsizing of employees in the tourism industry, slow visitors arrivals, the corruption in immigration, unemployment, high utility bills, and many other important topics.


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