The Three-Man Race to the Bottom


Dear BP,

It is an everlasting testament to the defeated horrible and incompetent FNM administration that it can only garner three retreads to take part in a so-called leadership contest. At a time when the party is in sore need of fresh, competent, and credible leadership these three contenders who have more political and personal
luggage than a luggage factory is the best they can cobble together.

Like all failed brands, the FNM is trying to rebrand itself and is asking the Bahamian populace to hold their noses while they go through this charade. And a charade it is with no positive record to run on, and the country left in tatters because of their incompetence they want us to believe that this is a fresh start. What a bunch of garbage. These three clowns were there from the beginning. They either sat in cabinet or on the backbenches cheering on any ridiculous decision the maximum leader made and joined in with relish as the then opposition members were subjected to personal attacks, incessant catcalls, and odious attacks on social media.

Whomever emerges as leader is a dead man walking politically speaking because he oversees nothing but a rotting, putrid carcass. They have shown us over four and a half tortuous years that they are all cut from the same cloth; the cloth of misogyny, incompetence and given to facile generalizations on any matter no matter how serious. Intellectually, they are as shallow as a child’s wading pool and suffused with the spirt that makes them prone to nastiness, plotting and outright lies.

So, fellas go ahead with the convention; engage in public apologies and do whatever you must to win. But remember this we know who you are; we have peeped your hole card last time and we did not like what we saw then, and we certainly do not like what we see now.


Michael J. Brown