The Tribune and WUTLASS Reporting AGAIN!



The Tribune story regarding the tabling of the mid term budget report by Prime Minister Ingraham in the House on Monday showed what many Bahamians may be thinking.

With ten solid months of decline, Bahamians are no doubt wishing for better days when Mr. Perry Christie was Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and the country’s economy was in good hands. The caption from Tuesday’s Tribune may have been a Freudian slip on their behalf or they may still have Perry Christie on their minds.

In any case, enjoy this photo showing the Tribune’s sloppiness.

The caption below the photograph of Mr. Ingraham and his Cabinet reads “Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Perry Christie leads his Cabinet Ministers to the House for the Mid 2007/08 Budget”.

Obviously, the photo is of Ingraham and not Christie.


  1. The tribune is a great media institution and I without compromise respect their code of ethics. The media is the messenger. We cannot target the messenger, but we can engage the author of such messages. So doclutz, please refrain from making an idiot of yourself by attacking the messenger/media. Please accept my apology if you are offended by my termonology, I am not calling you an idiot, instead your comments are reflective of such an individual. In the future, please choose your words wisely.

  2. the tribune, like the insurance compnaies, banks, the foreign owners, can think, say, and do anything in this country, and not even the elected government of the bahamas, can say or do anything about it, because they are the ones in charge.

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