The Tribune should stop reading Bahamas Press – and not defend the rip off committed on the Bahamian people at NIB!


The Tribune is no longer relevant in the 21st Century Bahamas!

Eileen Carron Publisher of the Terlet Paper cannot explain the lie her paper told on Farrakhan.

Nassau, Bahamas The Tribune, who is holding brief for disgraced NIB Director Algernon Cargill, decided to call up the Minister with responsibility for NIB and ask whether what Bahamas Press reported was indeed in the Forensic Audit Report now under the watchful eye of the Attorney General’s Office.

What is indeed amazing here is the fact that the 100 year old Tribune, which told the country in Editorial after Editorial Bahamas Press is nothing more than a ball of baloney, appears to be adding cheese to that meat served from BP’s table and is making sandwiches for its readers daily. In fact, it appears that those at the Tribune cannot report news anymore and many are questioning whether they are relevant in the 21st century.

The dying dino/ragsheet, cannot report straight anymore. Not even a shooting incident behind the newspaper’s back door, which was reported incorrectly, a few years back. Recently the paper couldn’t correctly tell the citizens what Louis Farrakhan really said about Peter Nygard. Yet, in its nasty attempt to protect Algernon Cargill at every turn, they call up Minister Shane Gibson to ask the Government’s head if what we at Bahamas Press said is true? This is on the Tribune’s front page this morning.

Now Eileen Carron should know better than that! She has been in the business since she was a child, yet her Tribune behaves like a paper with “Special Needs”. The paper needs real stories. They need real investigative reporters. And they NEED readers as the circulation have gone below sea level. In fact one former vendor described it this way; “The Tribune is popular in the Potter’s Cay Dock area and is good for two things; wrapping fish and back up ‘terlet’ tissue for persons who cannot use the nasty bathroom in the area.”

Why ask the Minister if what Bahamas Press reported over the weekend about NIB is true? Why not call up Algernon Cargill and have him deny our story?

Why not call up the auditors at Grant Thornton and ask them if what we said is deep down in the report was found there?

He racked up more than the highest paid civil servant in country on bonuses out of NIB - Uhile unions members fought for what was due to them and pensioners were fighting to get their rightful benifits.

Why not call up the owner of Telco Enterprises and ask him if what we said about his company was true and how NIB purchased – according to the report prepared by Thornton – construction supplies at the Robert Smith Centre at Sandilands?

Why not call up Kenuth Knowles and ask him if what we published about him – and all the business he collected at NIB – was providence?

Why not as an established media house connect to your “sources” and ask Hubert Ingraham why did he allow Algernon Cargill to pay himself a hefty bonus along with other executives without any members of the Board having any knowledge of the payments?

Why not these questions?

What is indeed interesting is the fact that it was not the Tribune that told the Bahamian people how the suspended Director was paid more than the Governor General, More than the Prime Minister and more than all 16 Senators – NO! It was Bahamas Press!

What is also interesting is the fact that while no one at NIB can explain the hefty bonuses paid to Algernon Cargill and others – it was not the Tribune who brought you that story! It was Bahamas Press!

The Tribune never said a word about the shady dealings between NIB and Telco Enterprises – It was Bahamas Press who leaked those reports in the interest of the public.

We told you how and then delivered in print how 12 members of the executives were paid handsome bonus – NOT THE TRIBUNE!

We reported how Cargill and team were flying extravagantly into Abaco to sleep over in $5,000 per night rooms – The Tribune said not a word.

We at Bahamas Press told you about Charlton Morley, Jeff Lloyd, and plethora of shadiness in Corporate Malfeasance of the Highest ORDER’ AT NIB! And while we wrote and wrote and wrote since 2009, the morning daily just slept like a bear deep under a dark cave fast asleep, shutting its tired eyes to all of the CORRUPTION – while the wealth of the public was being pillaged out of the social security agency.

One must ask the question: Why it appears that the Tribune has fallen deep into a comatose state at the wheel and has failed to come up with some defense on behalf of the people of this country and find an ounce of concern for their money?!

They have no damn shame das why! Just like Algernon Cargill.

We ga say it again for the Tribune and their WUTLESS media room – GO GET YA OWN NEWS and keep ya eyes off BP! Don’t believe what we report! Know this though – When we report we can back it up!

And if you don’t believe us – ask Algernon Cargill for BP when you see him again – who paid for his annual trips to Aspen in Colorado to ski?

Ya see, don’t start BP up, because we can go deeper than any audit when it comes to NIB!

We report yinner decide!