Regular flights to Haiti are facilitating US cash shipments out of the country! One flight carried as much as $250,000 US Dollars undetected out of the Bahamas!


Haitian flights reported to be loaded with US cash leaving the Bahamas every week

BP investigators uncover a serious money laundering racket happening right now at LPIA...

Nassau, Bahamas — When American and Bahamian officials at LPIA confiscated the cash funds of famous publisher and his two friends at a few years back, the group was said to have carried more than the legal amount allowed into the US.

At the time none of the individuals carried more than ten thousand dollars, yet still, they were stopped and charged.

But this is interesting because while the US Boarding section at LPIA is in business with Bahamian officials on how much money is being taken to the US, in the terminal sections at LPIA, BP has uncovered an even more dangerous incidence of funds leaving the country in flight to Haiti.

Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, flights leaving LPIA bound for Haiti are loaded with passengers carrying – in one incident – funds as high as $250,000 in US currency.

BP investigative teams confirm two aircraft with regular flights to the area are facilitating the passenger travels and the bleeding of limited US funds out of the country.

We are also amazed to discover senior security officials stationed in that section at LPIA are being paid off; and are allowing the exercise to continue without intercept.

One lead investigator now attached to BP’s special investigative division said, “Not only are the security staff paid off, but we have good reason to believe some police officers stationed at LPIA are also engaged in the exercise. They are excellent on detecting drugs, but they are doing absolutely nothing when it comes to monitoring cash being laundered out of the country via this route.

“And, with as much as 250,000 dollars being shipped out, we can look for mounds of drugs and weapons to be returned to the country.”

Bahamas Press is calling for senior OPBAT officials, Defence Force and Special Police units to be stationed at this section of LPIA and is calling on senior officials at LPIA to tighten their controls on flights leaving for Haiti. We have very good intel and believe that the increased movements of limited US funds is making the economic situation in the country worse.

Transport officials should suspend all flights to Haiti until they can get a handle on the situation at the airport.

We report yinner decide!