There are none so blind as those who refuse to see


Stonger Bahamas
By Jerry Roker
For Bahamas Press

THERE is a saying that there are none so blind as those who refuse to see. This saying has much relevance in the context of a deliberate attempt to deny the role played by PLP governments in the transformation of The Bahamas from a poor and backward country, the majority of whose citizens were considered lesser beings, to one in which there is economic and social progress.Who can deny that life in The Bahamas is qualitatively better than before, which came about mainly because of the visionary leadership provided substantially by PLP Administrations?

Vision is the ability to see things not as they are but as they will be in time. It is that ability to see ahead and, on the basis of a correct definition of the situation, to plan and ‘strategize’ on the way forward.

But vision is not enough to transform a nation. Good leadership is what is required to translate vision into reality and it is the ability to provide visionary and strategic leadership over the decades that has been the defining characteristic of PLP Administrations.

There is a tendency by the political Opposition, aided and abetted by some sections of civil society, to project a view that the PLP is found wanting when it comes to transformational leadership. Some even go to absurd levels by suggesting that the PLP lacks the intellectual capability to develop the country and all manner of derogatory remarks are being made against some party members, especially Prime Minister Christie.

The facts however will reveal that for the most part,whatever progress was made, took place largely under the stewardship of the PLP, both during the 1967-92 and the post-1992 period.

The Bahamas is still considered the jewel of The Caribbean. This did not just happened. This came about largely because of the efforts of PLP governments to create a new society where there is full respect for the norms of democracy and the rule of law, where the majority ruled as opposed to being governed by the minority.

The PLP’s record of progress is unmatched when it comes to taking this nation along the path of sustainable development. Yes, we are presently being challenged, but this ought not to erase our memories as to where our country came from. We are a people capable of overcoming any challenge and it is my view that we will emerge from the existing challenges a stronger people, a stronger Bahamas.



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