There is Breaking News out of St. Georges Cay! ALVIN SMITH IS OUT!


Outgoing MP of the FNM Ingraham Regime, Alvin "AS MANY" Smith.

Breaking News <<<

Bahamas Press is reporting news out of North Eleuthera and from the look of things we can confirm, SPEAKER of the House of Assembly, Hon. Alvin “As Many” Smith, is out!

BP reports the MP for North Eleuthera has concluded his selection of a home in Canada as the family is moving out of the country. Now we find this move interesting indeed, because the time is short to the run up to a General Elections, and from what we hear, “As Many” could vacate his seat from the Parliament and give up his Speaker post.

The move to Canada is a family decision we are told and is to assist in a better, more comfortable life outside North Eleuthera.

Now BP is not sure what is really happening here, but from what we know, SPEAKER is seeking to become a full time resident of Canada, perhaps also changing his citizenship to Canadian.

It is unknown whether or not the Speaker is set to vacate his Parliamentary seat in North Eleuthera, but if he does what kind a monkey wrench is this?

If Smith resigns as Speaker and as MP, the decision could force Papa to then go for the jugular of the PLP and call a snap by-election to woo and dangle the carrot in the faces of the people in that community.

PAPA in his morning suit look like dress. Boy Papa make us laugh nah! when we saw this photo.

If Papa makes the jump, it would not be the first to do so in our political history. Ingraham would be reading from the pages of Pindling’s playbook; with an attempt to jumping out of a plane without a parachute, and here’s what we mean.

Many would remember how Pindling following his defeat in Marco City to David Thompson, cooked up a second by-election before the 1992 General Elections. During that final desperate attempt, Pindling was forced to shoot marbles by himself. Ingraham response to Pindling then was, “…Go play dat game by ya self, we ga wait until you have enough nerves to call the BIG ONE!”

Pindling’s attempted to bring the growing momentum towards the FNM to an end, but he was unsuccessful. Months later, a Free National Movement Government was lifted upon the backs of the people for the first time since forming into a political machine. Ingraham turned his first term into a success story and indeed made it “BETTER” for Bahamians.

We believe Ingraham is ‘stuck stupid’ on this chapter in Pindling’s playbook and if what we are hearing is indeed true, and we have no reason to doubt; Smith will be out before summer! The country could be tossed into a by-election and another load of wasted time and money would be the end result. THE GOVERNMENT STILL AIN’T GA CHANGE NO MATTER A PLP OR FNM WIN!

If the SPEAKER IS OUT, WHO IS IN? We can confirm from our travels through North Eleuthera that there are more shocking developments happening as we write.

Stay Tuned for the conclusion later today…


  1. The most amazing thing is that these “ole timers” are still reading from the old playbook which contains stories about the same characters (and same kind of characters) that this time worn story repeats during every election cycle – the usual suspects.

    Someone had better “shake” this 40+ crowd awake and tell them that the demographic who comprises almost 70 percent of eligible voters (the 18 – 35 years old) will make all the decision come election day, and do that to exclusion of the old timers “friends” (and to the shock and dismay of many). All of these bogus predictions are made without consultation with the largest voting block in the history of our country, namely citizens between the ages of 18 -35 years.

    • Man Storm you listened to StevIELEAKS poll today? PLP won the telephone poll. While one caller called in to support the FNM, the PLP has three and four persons on one line. Trust us, a YELLOW TSUNAMI is coming and it ain’t ga be kind to the FNM!


  2. The fact that the MP for Elizabeth was quick to comment tells me that this story was proably concucted in the belly of the plp. Other than that this story is pure nonsense and while it will be a new day in N. Eleu it will not be with Clay.

  3. I will wait to see if there is any truth to this story, while I have heard some things myself.

    However, on the issue of the next candidate from the FNM it will be Colin Ingraham, mine you I know him as Cornell growing up. He is of humble beginnings and has a huge PLP family in North ELeuthera and despite all the negative things he could have gotten into he stayed clean and positive.

    The brother is down to earth, genuine and he has worked in the party along time and is very intelligent. He is a faithful FNM and a good young candidate.

    North ELeuthera will be represented by him and Clay just does not have the charisma to even come close.

    Don’t mind all the noise in the market when it is all said and done, the FNM will make the best choice for the party and the people of North Eleuthera.

    Without dissing others nothing else makes sense. Colin vs Clay…Colin wins hands down.

  4. Now this is what they people like a Alvin Smith does after they done messed up the Country leave and go to another Country and laugh at us this is what the man on the Fifty dollar bill did so what can you expect from them. They have their fat bank accounts across seas where they can live comfortable at the end of the day with their family, while we punish this is so sad, let him go to HELL CAUSE THATS WHERE HE WILL END UP IF HE DO NOT REPENT FOR his sins which he has commited to me and my Country.

  5. BP. Business as usual on Eleuthera. Theo Neilly is a political opportunist who used the PLP to get where he is. The PLP nearly broke up North Eleuthera Airport to protect him from Orion a Staunch FNM.No one outside of Current will vote for him.

  6. As tempting as it would be to hold a bye election I think Papa will instead just give Smith leave of absence similarly to what Pindling did with Father Moultrie who went to the UN but still held onto his seat.

  7. looks like Mr Lightbourne will get the nomination. i see the big man peter carey all over the place in north with Mr Lightbourne. some are saying Mr. Theo Neilly will get the nomination also. i wonder if they know what and who they really want to run up against Clay, because clay looks like he has the the full support of many…. change will come for sure

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