There is insurrection at ZNS the Barbarians are through the gates


BREAKING NEWS COMING INTO BP indicates the staff at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas is mongrelising the place. We can report there is madness and mayhem at the corporation.

Today workers blocked the vehicle of Chairman, Michael Moss, and commandeered the newsroom. We are told all news reports were destroyed and sound bytes removed. We can report the workers have gone mad, destroying property and removing items. News was late and lasted for only 5 minutes, with no inserts. We are told police are all over the place.

The people are demanding that Hubert come and address them himself!



  1. The time has pass for thm and many more civil servants to be sent home, too many of them act as if they own the government. too slack and lazy.
    thanks hubert clean house now so when perry wins he said he will create 10,000 govt jobs. more slackness to come my my

  2. Compassion for leeches on the state? Compassion for those walking away with large sums of money? Compassion for those who act like terrorists? I don’t think so.

  3. Hmmm…I feel for the workers I really do but, I have to say that as a citizen living in the southeastern Bahamas (Long Island),I’m more upset that 1540 still isn’t available. Why is 1540 important you ask? Well for one thing, its the only broadcast readily available with information as to whats going on in the country. Sure we can use the internet – when BTC is available but not everyone has a computer. I’m really concerned at the fact that we are in the latter part of hurricane season and there is no easy means to get info that may save your life (don’t get me started on Cable Bahamas – blank channels or crap in spanish).

  4. Donna, I think there is compassion, but everyone has a different opinion in regards to how much more money should be extended. The economy is a mess and will be for several more years. We are all hurting. It’s really nice to see that these folks were being offered a very generous package that was much sweeter than what the law requires. If I was asked to leave my job, I would feel very fortunate to receive such a sweetened package, considering I wasn’t entitled to anything more than the law provides. The Government has decided that enough is enough and they can’t keep paying people to do nothing. It’s tough, but much better than getting nothing at all or just what the law requires. We should all be more grateful for the lives that we have….it could and may actually become much, much worse!

  5. I am amazed at the insensitivity and lack of compassion displayed by the general public towards ZNS staffers- these people are losing their jobs in the worst economy the Bahamas has probably ever faced! The gov’t finds money for unnecessary roads, port development etc and they can’t find monies to keep these people employed until this recession abates? Where is the compassion Bahamian people? There’s alot of deadwood in every organization, but this aint the time to get rid of them, if you have resources that you can use to keep them! We will continue to pay for these persons thru our gov’t social services, because the payments WILL run dry after a while if they have no job. What’s the rush in letting these people go at ZNS? This is not the time! Shame on this heartless, cold FNM -but then maybe they are a reflection of the cold and heartless general public eh?

  6. Richard and Confused make two crucial points. ZNS is packed with deadwood from the top down. The firm is over-staffed, and with what will be left, management haven’t a clue how to get the best out of them. ZNS is a third-rate product and needs a total overhaul. Cable 12 isn’t much better.
    I hear that Chinese TV is quite good. Perhaps the government might want to consider handing our TV over to them as well.

  7. With many persons not haveing work or losing the jobs they held for so many years we have to think?????? The unions come with their demands that they claim are for “thier members”. These members have been paying to the union for many many many years with no return on their dollars, yet with all the fight and noise the union leaders are making they have NOT said to their members we are GIVING YOU A LUMP SUM CHEQUE TO ADD to your package so that you can invest in a personal project. The UNION needs to step up and give back to their members. Remember the Government paid them for the jobs they did yet the UNION has been paid for many many many years. Come on UNIONS give back to your members.

  8. Based on Richard’s assertion the board and the senior management staff of ZNS is who should be the first to be axed. I’m sure persons who were ‘packaged off’ at BATELCO would tell them they’d better get as much as they possibly can because while you’re retooling life goes on. Lest ww forget, these are BAHAMIAN TAXPAYERS to.

  9. Why does ZNS staff feel they deserve more? Who has had to fork over Millions of dollars each year to keep this Corporation alive and it’s staff employed? THE BAHAMIAN TAX PAYER! If the staff at ZNS did a better job all could keep there jobs and have have to rely on your’s and my hard earned dollar.

  10. Little Tommy Tucker is showing his inefficiency amd should just resign.How can one be Minister of National Security amd not take the necessary precautions to avoid vandalism?Think Minister think, few weeks ago we saw pandemonium at ZNS and now with the pending job losses no security was put in place?What happens on Friday when persons are informed that they are no longer employed?My, my,a person is in charge of National Security and ZNS and does not know what he has to do to protect the peoples property.This is no time for playing biggety when the future of persons are concerned and lives hang in the balance.Partisan politics has finally destroyed our country and must be addressed now.

  11. These workers gat to remember who they work for…the public. Its my tax dollars that they are destroying. This is ridiculas. The police needs to be called in and assist, before these people who obviously don’t care about the viewing public burn down ZNS and cause more damage than they are doing

  12. Lol…this is getting so ridiculous! They should have a video camera placed over the fire alarm to see which moron instigated this riot. Time to arrest these selfish, unappreciative people.

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