There was another fatal shooting this morning


Nassau, Bahamas — There has been another fatal shooting in the Bahamas. BP can confirm a robbery went bad in a home invasion. Robbers entered the home in the South Beach area of the island and robbed the entire family inside.

During that incident a male in the home was fatally shot to the head and succumbed to his injuries.

The incident pushes BP’s murder count to 101 persons since 2009 to have been slaughtered by the hands of killers running wild in the country.



  1. Lizard, I am happy things have gotten better for you and your family. I was just a child, when I lost my father to violence and I don’t believe I have ever recovered from that devastating blow. To this day, there are moment when I still cry about it. There will always be this void, because no one could ever take his place.

  2. You are not running on at all, these are the painful truth.  Only he who feels it, knows it. Tommy could run on with all kind of foolishness the minute  somebody question anything he is doing, but when people getting kill in our streets he know how to turn a blind eye. He don’t even bother to offer the families of the victim his sympathy when it is the same repeated murderers our courts let out to kill again.

    • Yea lets pray Bahamaland that the people that are in charge  will grow some balls if only a piece and start hanging these bastards, so that they can at least put some fear in these animals, who going around killing people and  reeking havoc in our country.

      • Them growing balls is not the problem.  Do you realize that most of these politicians are lawyers by profession? The more crime these criminals are able to commit that means more monies for their pockets.  This is why they refuse to fix the broken court system and they don’t hesitate to put repeated murderers back on the street, because they knew it’s just a matter of time before they strikes again. They are making millions of dollars and living lavishly of these murderers, while we live in fear for our lives and grieve over these senseless killings.

        • kim you know what hurts me to my marrow is that fact that there is a repeat offeneder who they let out on bail, kidnapped my mother when she just pulled up in her yard after a long days work, that my hard earn money have to be supporting his $#%# something is definately wrong with this. That why  i am so pissed to see tommy t so blasded passionate about this Z%^&$^&% bye-election when families are destroyed by these hoodlums, kim i have a 14 year old brother who has been tramatized for about 5 years cause they held up a store he was in and those bastards stuck a gun in his face, for years we couldn’t get him to do anything socially he fell down in his school work and everthing, but for the grace of God and a praying family he is doing much better now….i really don’t mean to run on but something must be done NOW WAKE UP POLITICIANS!!!!!!

  3. My heart bleeds when I read news like this. Tommy them do not care what happens to us.  They said that it is the criminals who are killing each other.   If you go by what they say, we are to conclude that the people who were attacked  are criminals. They are so power hungry, they fighting over votes while innocent people getting killed.  May God put his arms of protection around that family and help them through this very difficult time.

  4. Where the hell is Tommy while all this shit is going down. hmmmm I guess he still counting votes.!!!

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