Thieves raid Jones of Thousands!



Head offices of Jones Communications on East Street.

Nassau, Bahamas: Early Wednesday morning bandits broke into the offices of Jones Communication on east street and robbed the establishment of a 60lb flat screen TV and two video cameras valued over $22,000.

Now when it isn’t Colina THIEFIN Jones staff, it is bandits are breaking in the building in the dead of night THIEFIN equipment. And the criminals did so despite the fact that Jones building has CCTV. The robbery occurred despite the fact that there are stationed several 24 hours security personnel watching the building. And the robbery occurred despite the fact that an entire production shift is working in the building printing the morning newspaper.

Oh and did we mention that the Jones Communications building sits between the Magistrate Court and the headquarters of the Royal Bahamas Police Force where officers are always  patrolling the area?

This incident is a clear sign of how desperate THIEVES have become in this society. Bahamas Press spoke about that very area on this blog before, how some 7 homes in the area are running drugs right through their back doors. We exposed these drug houses which practise right in front of the Commissioner of Police’s doorstep, and arguedthat the community was descending into a mud of WICKEDNESS giving birth to a serious criminal element.

We were the sole voice in this, and death threats followed. One criminal went to the extent of firing gunshots just outside the home of that writer early one morning. Jones Communications media organization did not back us up then, and well now that company is latest victim of the growing criminal element that has engulfed the community, let’s see what they will do now.

We at Bahamas Press do hope their voices will now join with ours and assist in helping to rebuild what was once a CRIME FREE community.

But you know if Colina could have raided Jones of his fine staff, it is possible that Wednesday’s early morning raid on the establishment could be another dose of BAD LUCK!


  1. I am not sure if Mr. Jones had his insurance paid up to date, but if he did I think he should pay everybody off who he owes when he receive the cheque from the insurance company and going forward he should stop allowing his bills to accumulated, this way he better able to keep things under control.

  2. These sounds like an inside job to me, but you never know. I have heard all sorts of things about Mr. Jones. Some people say he is a miser who holds his hands tight fisted, because he don’t like to pay his bills, according to the Punch he owes the government all kind of money. Maybe somebody who he owed monies to decided to do this to him. It could be a wide range of people from what I understand; I guess the police don’t know where to begin. What I can’t comprehend is the natures of these people who want own businesses and refuses to pay their bills. Everyday sitting up on the radio and TV talking nonsense and don’t want pay your bill, how you figure that? Boy! That’s a true saying your deeds sure does catch up with you.

  3. Altec: More to the point; he should pay what he owes the government and all his other bills.

  4. He is now where he should have been for the past 15 years. God has a way of dealing with people like OJ.

  5. O.J. Simpson sentenced to at least 15 years


    LAS VEGAS – A broken O.J. Simpson has been sentenced to at least 15 years in prison for a Las Vegas hotel armed robbery by a judge who rejected his apology and said, “It was much more than stupidity.”

    Simpson stood stone-faced Friday when Judge Jackie Glass quickly rattled off his punishment after he pleaded with her that he didn’t mean to steal from anybody when he tried to retrieve memorabilia.

    He appeared ready to break down in tears as he told that he was “sorry and confused” before going into a rambling and emotional 5-minute declaration.

    “I didn’t want to steal anything from anyone … I’m sorry, sorry,” he said.

    Glass ruled before sentencing that Simpson cannot be freed on bail pending possible appeal.

  6. BP, you sure they were stolen or repossessed?

    LOL, I’m a bad boy and I will behave for the rest of the day.

  7. Well i hope Jones had he stuff insured that way when he get that insurance money he can spend some of it on painting he building.

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