Third and Fourth homicides in Pinewood and Kemp Road Sunday evening!


17 shots ring out on mechanic in Kemp Road killing a man by the name Robert “Yardie” McFall just outside his home…

D’Andre Thompson.

NASSAU| We are reporting the third murder for the year and the second homicide for the day shortly around 8pm.

A male victim was just shot up multiple times in Pinewood.

Bahamas Press has confirmed the identify of the country’s 3rd homicide victim in the vicinity of Sapodilla Blvd. to be bus driver D’Andre Thompson.

But a short while following the incident in Pinewood some 17 shots rung out in the community of Kemp Road where police found a male shot dead on the scene.

The victim we know is a mechanic who operates on Whites Addition in that part of town. The victim in this latest homicide is Robert McFall, and goes by the street name “Yardie”.

Now he you should know had just returned to the capital on Friday ( New Year’s Day) from Jamaica. He had left the country just just a day after 27-year-old Alfred Bastian AKA “Halfman” was killed. They were close friends.

McFall like D’Andre Thompson was gunned down inside his vehicle also just outside his home behind Cooper Terrace Church of God in Kemp Road.

This homicide in Kemp Road becomes the fourth incident for the year and the third for the Holy Day of Sunday. From the looks of things this will not end anytime soon as news of Yardie’s death hits Jamaica tonight.

We report yinner decide!