This FNM Government telling the TRUTH is the hardest thing for them to do!


Dear Editor,

The Minister for Transport Renward Wells told the press his Government – THE MOST HONOURABLE EVER Administration – has been losing support among the Bahamian people because the government has been making the hard decisions!  

Well, giving Brent the Post Office, Oban, roadworks, and all the foreign labour he wants wasn’t hard! 

Buying a hotel without Parliament’s approval or it being budgeted for $65 million [without an appraisal of its true value] was not HARD! 

Raising VAT by 60%, especially after failing to consult with stakeholders or giving the people of the Bahamas notice, wasn’t hard. 

Borrowing almost some $3 BILLION in 22 months with nothing to show for it [or where is it]  wasn’t hard at all. 

However, them telling us, the Bahamian people, the TRUTH is still the hardest thing for them to do!

Why can’t they speak TRUTH