This incompetent, dishonest Minnis-led FNM government has lost control of the Coronavirus pandemic


The Editor                                                                                         15th October 2020

Bahamas Press

Nassau Bahamas

Dear BP.

It must be painfully obvious to Bahamians that this incompetent, dishonest government has lost control of the Coronavirus pandemic and does not care what happens to us our parents, grandparents, or our children. Information critical to our continued wellbeing is hidden from us. As an example, the August 2020 CDC warning to persons not to travel to the Bahamas even for essential matters was not disseminated to us. Three eminently credible research institutions found that the Covid-19 statistics reported by the Ministry of Health seriously under counted the numbers of Covid cases and again not a peep from the government.

These reports if seriously considered by the government would have informed their policy on how to reduce the spread of the virus and Bahamians could begin to return their lives to normal. But as this government listens to no one and blames everyone for their failures nothing has happened. And, as if he were locked away on a distant planet the Minister of Health continues to peddle lies on how well the government is managing the pandemic. If this seems familiar it is. This is their go to strategy when they want to duck blame for the consequences of their mismanagement, incompetence, and arrogance.

Look at the disastrous state of Abaco since hurricane Dorian. Millions of dollars in taxpayer and donor funds reportedly expended on clean-up contracts and dome homes that are not fit for purpose and, the island is nowhere near back to normal. Lawlessness abounds in Abaco primarily because the FNM chose not to bring the persons to justice who were responsible for all of the pain, carnage, and damage they wreaked on Abaco citizens in the aftermath of the hurricane. Marsh Harbour is a small community, these culprits are known to Abaco residents; police know who they are too. Yet no justice and closure for the long suffering Abaconians. Locking up children for selling coconuts not bringing these dangerous miscreants to justice seems to be a priority for this government.

Rather than try to fix its failed pandemic policies the government is engaging in its favourite pastime, borrowing money, and promising programs which cost us even more money. When will this government realise that if it does not resolve the coronavirus problem, Bahamians will not have the money to spend and no VAT will be collected? If there is no VAT revenue how will our National Debt be serviced? The FNM has destroyed our credit rating so where is the money coming from? When will it realise that its incoherent coronavirus policies has caused our economy to crumble and that government ministries are functionally inoperative? When will they realise that Bahamians are dying daily because of the governments failed policies.

In Bahamian homes covering the length and breadth of our country policemen, nurses, first responders and their family members are dying. Our country is dying; businesses are dying; tourism is DOA ; thousands of Bahamians are unemployed  some for years to come all because of an inept, incompetent, and thoughtless government who is incapable of focusing on the problem and putting Bahamians first.

What Hurricane Dorian and now the pandemic has exposed is just how incompetent this poorly led and clueless government really is. It exposed its profligate spending which will reach $9.Billion by the end of 2020 with us having nothing to show but wide sidewalks on narrow streets. This government is indifferent to the cries  of Bahamians who bought their propaganda without examining the small print. And even as they destroy the country, they sell us even greater lies the latest of which is $176 million paid to unemployed Bahamians.

How they arrived at this formula is a mystery but then they never tell us anything. But no matter how much is paid out its taxpayer  money which will have to be replaced to preserve the viability of National Insurance and  pay benefits to contributors and pensioners. The day of reckoning may be closer than we think.


Michael J. Brown