Teen wanted by the FBI is now in Abaco


Sandy Point, Abaco — There is BREAKING NEWS NOW IN ABACO at this hour, as there is a massive MANHUNT underway for a fugitive American gringo, Colton Harris Moore.

The 19 year-old is in serious trouble  and BP is issuing an ALL POINTS BULLETIN for this fugitive. PLEASE LET US HELP THE POLICE AND THE FEDERAL AUTHORITIES OFF THE STREETS! If you see this individual call 919 and do not be a hero, call the authorities.

Moore ditched a plane off the waters of Abaco. He is wanted by Federal and local officials for a number of crimes alleged to be committed in Nebraska and Seattle. If you google the name Colton Harris Moore you will see his criminal path. This is now a big story in the US.

They have been trying to nab him for the past two years. CBS is now on the ground in Abaco. A number of US Media are on their way to the northern island and are in contact with BP. The FBI is on the ground in ABACO, while police here are still in the dark.

This is the big news!!! Since ditching the plane near Abaco Sunday the suspect on-the-run have already alleged to have broken into a number of businesses and have stole a vehicle in Abaco that was recovered today. This is a dangerous man. He is a Devil now on the run in Abaco.