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  1. Kim: Thank you for letting us know what you do to help Bahamians. You do have bragging rights even though you like to be modest. Your example will motivate the rest of us to do better all year round.

  2. Try the IGA brand at City Markets. They cost about 30% less and their quality is same as the top name brand product (sometimes even better). Right now in my house we have the IGA oats, breakfast cereals, milk, “Ritz”, sliced cheese, napkins, spaghetti, disposable plates. When I try to suggest IGA to friends and family they usually laugh and say that they ain buying no generic things but I did my internet research and found out about IGA and what it represents. My only problem with IGA is that City Market can’t keep them on its shelves long enough. I’m not promoting City Markets, just passing on the tip.

  3. Now you talking my type of talk Media!! You must have seen a religious movie and got a touch from the Holy Spirit. Media..Bahamas Press, actually trying to become a constructive, productive, uplifting and restoration site? – these really have to be the last days.


  4. Excuse me Joe Blow; I like how you put me on the spot like that….lol….Anyway, I don’t mind baking the cookies if I have the time. Right now, I am so busy dealing with inventories and financial reports for my store, I am suppose to be traveling in a few days, I am trying to get everything set up for this Yuletide season. Joe Blow, I am not one to brag about what I have done and I seek no recognitions for my actions, but I am a giver all year round. I have always send bags of clothing and shoes that have been in my store for a while and that are no longer in fashion to Salvation Army, Sandilands Rehabilitation Centre and I have taught children in my church to sew clothes for themselves for free. In the past I have even taught people to read. I am a very productive member of my society.

  5. Omar: We should examine the issue you suggest. I have been bothered by the fact that there are Bahamians willing to sell their birthright to companies and pay them the commission and they in turn sub-divide it and sell that land for big bucks to foreigners. These companies could care less as they are only out for themselves. Government can apply some oversight and restrict the selling of a large portion of these lands to Bahamians only and at a moderate increase in price. This would, no doubt, require special legislation.

  6. O.T.: I hope others will give to their favourite charities as you are doing and then let us know what they are doing. Our family is giving a food donation to Unity House. Rather than giving gifts to each other we can always enclose in a Christmas Card a note to say that we have donated to one of the charities in the person’s name. Kim: You can bake some cookies for one of the childrens’ homes and let your friends know you have done so in their name, if you are so inclined.

  7. I am surprised that nobody talks about undeveloped Bahamian land being sold to he highest foreign bidder. I am not talking about crown land…I am talking about Prime land, and Islands are being sold. Don’t we want to save this country for our children? We inherited this great country, let’s not sell it off.

  8. We must not just talk but we should show the whole Bahamas by our example….

    Hardly anyone is interested in talk anymore…

    Like my daddy used to say, “Talk is cheap but money buys land”!!

  9. Media; We have all given many ideas to help us through these rough times here on this site as well as on other sites…

    This govt does their best to ignore everyone who is not an FNM….

    But everytime I get an idea I will still post it..

    I have made a comittment to give a certain amount to the Great Commission Ministries this holiday season…. I hope that you all do your part to see that some folks can have a good Christmas season….

  10. We can do more than beat our gums. We can put our collective minds together; come up with solutions;and then write and e-mail our answers to the relevant persons and even to the media houses. We can make a pack and with BP’s help we will present our solutions and together demand answers and change. Let’s act on one problem together. BP can get his “deep-throats” to ferret out the facts and we can decide together how to tacle this, who to blitz with our e-mails, keep the heat on the parties. WE CAN DO IT if we have the intestinal fortitude and the will to act. I am in for it! Who else will join the revolution for CHANGE?

  11. Ojective thought, we know how you feel about this, but Bahamas Press gatta get real about this now, The country need all our help! every hand, feet leg and knee on deck. For what I saw yesterday we MUST begin giving suggestions and offering ways to help build one community at this time.

    We would like to find people who have job available, people needing painters, carpenters whatever to began posting contacts here. We will also begin gathering such contacts. If you need a car was put the contact up. Person who need someone to iron clothes let’s list them all. That Movie showing (The Poor attendance) scared the HELL OUTTA US last night!

    You might know someone who has a farm of tomatoes or pepper that is cheaper. Or you might have come across a deal at the store, Bahamas Press wants to know about it. PLEASE let’s pitch in and come together.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  12. In order to help them, they must first realize that they have a problem!!

    They are denying that they have a problem so how can we help them??????????

    HI just said only a few days ago that this country could not have been in better hands during these rough times so he is definitely saying that he has EVERYTHING under control…

    All we can do is beat up our gums!!!

  13. Joe the Blog belongs to you all, the people. I would hope many of you bring to the blog what is happening in your corner. What is occurring in your community. This is a 24 hour talk/WRITTEN blog, let us know your concerns, your friends concerns etc.

    For example me and my better half went to the movies last night, and it was an experience that will change much the content on this BLOG.

    Galleria Cinemas had NO MORE THEN 20 cars in the parking lot last night. The show (which is normally OVERFLOWING) had eight couples in the room. It was a jaw dropper. The concession stand had 2 helpers with NO ONE ON THE LINE. And this is Friday, the usual BIGGEST NIGHT OF THE SHOW! MY GOODNESS for the first time in my life I said deep to myself, THE FNM and the PLP and Bahamas Press needs to begin working together.

    So from TODAY! Let us all see how we can help the government, but you all know attacks will come when needed.


  14. Media: I wonder if the bloggers could make known some topic in which they have a special interest. You then could select one of them and investigate the topic, where possible, and those interested could then contribute with their thoughts. One topic I would like to explore is the graft connected with the Custom Department. Since we appear to have lost a lot of revenue I think we need to put the pressure on to stop the erosion and bring the “perps” to justice. We can’t let this be swept under the table! Let me know what you think.

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