Thompson said he found Gibson’s actions honest, lawful and commendable and he saved the Bahamas Government lots of money!


NASSAU| On the second day of the Shane Gibson trial, Jack Thompson, Permanent Secretary, took the stand.

He outlined the role of the Hurricane Relief Management Committee and shared his role in the process.

Shortly after the Hurricane Matthew cleanup began, as a direct result of the storm, a large number of invoices were coming in from various contractors.

Thompson noted how that was a concern that he and Gibson shared. 

The PS pointed out how meetings were held on October 16, 2017, November 16, 2017, and November 26, 2017.  It was decided to issue a STOP ORDER on all contractors so the concerns could be addressed.

Shane Gibson

Thompson noted how that Stop Order required that no work be done without contracts and that protocols be put in place for the issuing and payment of these contracts.

He added that these meetings and protocols were decided upon with then-Minister Gibson present; who, he added, saved the government of the Bahamas lots of money.

Thompson said he found Gibson’s actions honest, lawful and commendable. He agreed that Gibson worked to prevent dishonesty. He further agreed that Gibson’s decision to set guidelines displayed his honesty.

The testimony of Jack Thompson showed that Gibson had concerns and acted correctly to rectify his concerns, which was advantageous to the government.

Thompson said he was never personally involved with Ash.

Earlier in the day, Inspector Shavone Dames testified about her analysis of call logs. 

The court resumes on Monday with Justice Carolita Bethell overseeing the case.

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