Thousands come to Bay in protest of BTC sale to Cable and Wireless

Hundreds March to Bay Street this morning against the sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless.

Thousands marched on Parliament today in protest of the fire sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless.

Debate began early as Papa could be seen nervously rushing the statement. Amid the protesters emerged the MP for Bamboo Town, Branville McCartney, who with great convictions resigned from the FNM. The move is another blow of sustained blows against PAPA.



  1. I am of the opinion that if the former BTC President – Farquharson was still in charge of the union the demonstration and union turn out would of been different.

    Mr. Evans and Carroll need to seek help, assistance and even step on the side and let Farquhi handled this one for the last time.

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  3. Yall stay there making noise in da market cable bahamas already acquire Indigo, the PM know just what he doing. He pave da way for Cable to have the monopoly on communication…TV,phone internet why people don’t talk dat cable and indigo merge

  4. Yall stay there making noise in da market cable bahamas already acquire Indigo, the PM know just what he doing. He pave da way for Cable to have the monopoly on communication…TV,phone internet why people don’t talk dat cable and indigo merge

  5. Once i can pick up the phone and get some good customer services, or walk into the head office and sit without having to listen to the agents talk other people business, or chewing and blowing gum while talking to me, or having to wait over 3 weeks and actually having to flag down and pay a BTC tech in the truck to fix my phone line. I am happy with the sale.

  6. The 500 or so protesters actually appeared to be more peaceful than the last group. Am sure it will build up a bit on Thursday, since that is a day more civil workers are prone to call off or take an extended lunch. I wonder how long before BTC changes its name to LIME or if that branding change will take place. Will we get faster wireless data this year?

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  8. Cable and Wireless NEVER said anything about cheaper rates!!!! In fact CABLE and WIRELESS HAVE NEVER disclosed their rates to the Bahamian people because the sale has not been completed!!!!!!! IF SO, WHAT ARE THE RATES!!!!THE FNM is saying that the sale will bring cheaper phone rates. My fellow Bahamians, DO NOT be quick to accept secondhand information. WHAT RATES ARE CABLE AND WIRELESS OFFERING US?????The grass is ALWAYS greener on the other side but how high is water bill????

    • The MOU states that CW will in their business plan (which has been completed) reduce rates on services for the next 3 years.

      The business plan states that CWC will “lower roaming costs, increased coverage, and mobile calling price;”

      you would have to google for the MOU and the press releases on the busines plan since the filters block URl many times

    • Police how many murders are out on Bail. Could you tell us that? Yall could manage black people by 100%, but get a duckegg when it comes to combatting crime. 7 murders in four days? What kinda town is this? A DAMN BLUDDY MARY?


      • Lucky for YOU they are out on bail, otherwise you and your PLP buddies would have nobody out to demonstrate.

  9. Maybe, the truth is this is as much as Bahamians have the guts to be. We will posture and shout until it affects our personal well being. Then we are silenced by our own self preservations. We are a laid back society. We are not rebels in the street, picketing everyday until we see change. Maybe, because of all the unrighteous acts in the name of progress, that have been planted ever since independence (and before, for that reason), are now harvesting. This is the society we have nurtured. We wish for alot; but we do not produce when the time comes. And, when the bell rings, we still play tribal politics. Maybe this is our just rewards. We need a new wave of leaders who are doing work in the community now, outside of politics. That way, we now that it is their conscience and character leading them, not politics.

  10. It’s only a few more days now and this whole silly scenario will be over. I seriously doubt the few people who row now will be complaining when their cell service prices go down and BTC fires up the more advanced systems. We have such a short memory span after all. It’s interesting to see what happens with all of the consolidation of cell phone companies in the US. AT&T just announced that they are buying T-Mobile USA for $39M and merging the network equipment, improving coverage and the reduced pricing that comes from the buying power of a larger company. Hopefully, C&W will get bought out by AT&T or Verizon in the long run, which will only provide lower pricing and better services for all of the people in the region. In this case, bigger is better.

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  11. @mica

    Its people like you who would sell ya soul for dollar and then wonder why you burning in the end. You dont see the bigger picture that its not always about what in it for you, but instead it should be how will it benefit us all. Its soo sad to know that a foreign country can come in an make millions off our sweat and blood simply by LEASING OUR FIBER OPTIC CABLE AND NOT EVEN CONTIBUTE A DIME THIS IS SICK!!!

    @lady phillippa
    I absolutely agree. As a matter of fact if there was no comitte to save BTC, we would not even have heard from them at all.
    Shame on Belinda, and the rest….SHAME!!!!This country needs to be shut down.

    • @ Independantvoter2012

      One thing that is certain and that is this:



    • Don’t be so foolish, Independentvoter2012. You don’t sound very independent at all, just another PLP plant. I think Mica doesn’t say much, but obviously is looking forward to having lower prices and faster services. This really does seem like the right plan by the PM.

  12. LIME soon come praise GOD! we gon get cheap minutes n 3G n 4G n iphone n crackberry. Silly Union Terrorist and Crazy Communist Lady gats ta go!

  13. I thought Cable and Wireless already purchased the 51% of BTC. Didn’t this occur a few weeks ago. Someone please tell me what’s going on.

  14. Thank you BP for showing this great demonstration of Bahamian unity.

    However, questions must be put to the leaders of the various Trade Unions regarding their lack lustre support and general failure to mount an offensive to prevent the “proposed” sale of BTC to “Careless & Wutless” (CWC).

    Charges like “COLLUSION”, “SELLOUT”, “COWARDS” and “PANTIES-WEARIN’-MEN” come to mind as the apparent fear to Ingraham’s bullying tactics is evidenced by their few supporting demonstrators.

    Sir Randol Fawkes, the Father of The Labour Movement in our Bahamas, would turn oveer in his grave to see the absence of the BHCAWU, the BEC Union, the Teachers Union, etc.,

    As a matter of record, a General Strike should have been in full effect by today, preventing even the transmission of this post. Alas, we have been brought to a day of open shame and rebuke by a crew of spineless Trade Unionists who are more concerned about the maintainance of their personal peace and prosperity than in maintaining the rights and dignity of Bahamians generally.

    Who will stand for Bahamians? Hopefully, the Bahamian people will grow tired of the litany of empty promises, pompous posturing, empty rhetoric and rise to defend their stake in the future of BTC for themselves and their children.

    We have until Thursday to get it together!

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        You are a national disgrace and a drain on the public purse, since thousands of political party hacks like you are largely responsible for the $4 billion dollar national debt The Bahamas now faces!


    • I agree with you Lady Russellthese so called spineless Trade Unionist who only use the people when they need a vote, espcially that John Pinder who never did any thing for the people of Housing when they lost their jobs i mean 60 people had to go home with out knowing where they were going to get their next meal from how heartless, so do you think they care about if BTC is sold for 51% or 1% No they do not care,shame on him and all the rest of them but time will tell on all of them cause it is not long now we will do what we have to do as people we will VOTE THEM ALL AOUT OF OFFICE COME 2012.

  15. I see all of this as pure IGNORANCE on behalf of Bahamians. I am a young Bahamian that views things very differently than the majority, unlike most, I believe in the freedom of choice for ALL, no matter what your choices may be, I shall respect it. As I see it, in the end YOU shall reap the rewards or suffer the consequences. My choice is to sell BTC! I refuse to get into arguments(which is what is clearing happening) rather than discussions about the sale. Try to have a “discussion” with any of these protestors and it’s almost impossible. They are just not giving the other side a chance to voice our opinions; IGNORANCE! They’re only on Bay Street blocking up traffic, to show face! But, like I have said earlier, their choice must be respected, eventually we will all view the outcomes of the sale.

    Bahamians need to start viewing politics differently, stop voting for the “party” but vote for the candidates that shares your views on what is best for our country. Me, being a first time voter at the polls come the next election, will NOT vote based on the strong FNM ties/past of my family but will go into the campaigning season with an unbiased mindset to make a wise decision. I see flaws so far with both parties, especially with the FNM being lead by the egotistical Hubert Ingraham. I feel as though we can be for a party but we do not have to agree with every one of their views. Maybe our voting system should be reviewed and changed to a more sensible alternative as that of the American system, where as you can vote for both your MP & Prime Minister, therefore I would be able to vote for the FNM but elect Perry G. Christie as my P.M.

    • @Undecided First Time Voter

      You seem to want to walk the high road; it is a good thing, however, do not label all demonstrators as “Ignorant protestors”. You might have had an opportunity to speak to some persons who were unable to articulate the reasons behind their participation, who might not have been enlightened or who were merely supporting someone else’s stance but there are many who would have been happy to engage you in a respectful conversation and discuss the varied perspectives on the proposed BTC sale. I am not the most knowledgeable but I can say that my participation as a protestor is based on my convictions that in this country Bahamian should be first, secondly the government rhetoric has been all about misleading the general public, in terms of technology, Cable & Wireless is not bringing anything to this country, BTC is being undervalued, the whole deal and circumstances supporting the deal have been orchestrated and is riddled with conflict of interest and finally, with the government influence removed from BTC, Bahamian are more than capable of successfully running BTC in a liberalized telecommunications sector.

  16. So your heading say thousands and your editorial say hundreds. Tell da truth man. This is why the conversation dont change because of political operatives like this newspaper.

  17. It would be a great thing if persons who are decide to enter politics as servants of the people would come to recall listening is better than being shown the hard way SALARIES ARE PAID BY THE VERY ONES YOU REFUSE TO HEAR. HOW ARE YOU EXPECTED TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT AND ACCEPTABLE WHEN YOU ARE NOT IN THEIR POSITION. HAVE YOU NO COMMON VALUE THAT INJUSTICE TO ONE IS AN INJUSTICE TO ALL. When it comes to any view of seeing suspected criminals at protest it would be nice to start of looking at those who have impunity, clean that up then look at the group gathered. CRIMINALS POINTING OUT CRIMINALS IS GAME PLAYING. SERIOUS WORK WOULD BE LOOKING AT THE WELFARE OF THOSE WHOSE DREAMS HAVE BEEN SHATTERED BY HOPING THEIR ASPIRATIONS WERE POSSIBLE IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY.

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