Thousands of passports processed form newly minted Bahamians


Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas press is monitoring the Bahamas Passport office and the desk of one Mr. Dames who sources allege is processing hundreds of passports for newly minted Bahamians every day.

Now get this, according to a source the department is processing newly minted Haitian nationals who cannot speak English clearly.  One of them was overheard saying “Daddy Symonette say give us passport so we can vote!”

BP are told all such documents are being handled by one Mr. Dames at that office while Bahamian born residents are waiting weeks upon weeks to have passports approved.

How is it almost 6,000 creole speaking persons have showed up at a Bahamian passport office? Something cannot be right with this picture.

Hubert Ingraham and the FNM are selling out our birthright for votes.

We need to question some of the nationalities of the members of the FNM Cabinet. Are they for us or against us?

Bahamians need not apply!

We report yinner decide