Three BAIC managers have all suffered strokes in the past 14 days…


Serious stress conditions are now unfolding in Government Corporations…

BAIC Building

Nassau – Bahamas Press is turning its attention to the highly stressful Government Agency BAIC where some three managers have all been ordered bed rest after suffering severe stroke conditions in just a two week period.

All three of the individuals are managers, who have suffered under a threatening cloud of intimidation and victimization created by the Minnis Government.

We know a series of firings occurred at BAIC where permanent and pensionable employees were all sent home.

And we know an exercise of downsizing continues at the Corporation.

Bahamas Press is alarmed by these incidents, which paint a picture of untold stress and damage, which is now being perpetrated by the Minnis Government.

We call on the Government to reverse its draconian policies of hardship and pain on the Bahamian people. And we call on them to turn to the chapters of its platform that clearly promised to care for people, not endanger them.

We report yinner decide!