Three die in West End fatality this evening…

Live scenes from a fatality in West End Grand Bahama which claimed the life of Marciano Morley [far left], Roderick Pinder aka Duff and Shenelle Curtis tonight.

WEST END, GB| Bahamas Press is reporting a traffic fatality that has claimed the life of two men in the West End community.

We are learning both men Marciano Morley and Roderick Pinder aka Duff died in the crash. Pinder had just left an establishment {Wendys} dropping his colleagues off in the Bay Shore Road area in the Bootle Bay community where the unfortunate incident occurred.

A third victim, Shenelle Curtis, a Bank of the Bahamas employee, is also being reported to have died following the crash. She is said to be a close friend of one of Morley and was a passenger inside when the collision occurred.

Some persons on the scene said ambulance services took too long to arrive on the scene, but speed was definitely a factor in the accident.

Bahamas Press has now identified the third victim in that traffic fatality in West End last evening. That third victim is Grand Bahama’s Bank of Bahamas employee Shenelle Curtis.

BP warns residents to drive slow to arrive alive. Drink responsibly! Do not text while operating a vehicle this holiday weekend. These simple measures help save lives – A life WHICH CAN BE YOUR OWN!

May their souls rest in peace.

We report yinner decide!