A Jamaican hitman who was captured by police on Grand Bahama last week was undocumented man Shaquille Aamal Lewis – REMEMBER HIM?


How did Jamaican Hitman who was in the Bahamas from 2017 get a newly issued NIB Card and walked right out of the Jones Town Police Station just weeks ago?

FREEPORT| One of the things that stuck out in this writer’s head over the weekend were these questions: Now that a Jamaican hitman was caught by police, how did they know he was a hitman?

How was the man tracked down? Who hired the hitman? And who was he hired to kill if true?

Such a known suspect must have had a record or trail of death behind his name. But what did the police tell us about this suspect? Absolutely nothing!
And what did the wutless media in the Bahamas tell you about the suspect? NOT A DAMN THING! 

Today, in our short investigation, we found out that the man captured by police last week was UNDOCUMENTED Jamaican National Christopher Anthony Lee aka Shaquille Aamal Lewis.

When captured last week, police said the fugitive is affiliated with the Jamaican gang “No Dollars No Cents”.  They added that the suspect, a resident of August Town, St. Andrews, Jamaica, was arrested at Victoria Inn on Midshipman Road, Grand Bahama. 

“He is suspected of entering The Bahamas for the purposes of a contracted murder,” police statement read.

“He is currently connected to a number of murders in Jamaica.” Really?

But that was all police told the press. BP, on the other hand, wrote on May 26th, 2020 how, on Saturday 23rd May, 2020 at about 7:25 pm, officers at Eight Mile Rock Police Station reported that prisoner Shaquille Aamal Lewis, DOB 15-3-93, of Jones Town, EMR, a.k.a. Christopher Anthony Lee, escaped from the mentioned police station through the – get this – “…southern front door” and was last seen on foot running in a northwestern direction behind the police station. 

Did you hear of any officers being charged or punished for their aide in that escape in one of the most wanted men in the region? NO! Not a damn word!

Was Lewis a Jamaican hitman then? Or he just became the hitman after police found him at the Victoria Inn?

Again now, you JOE PUBLIC aren’t supposed to know all this because we are still asking the question: HOW DID LEWIS – A MAN WANTED BY JAMAICAN POLICECOLLECT A NATIONAL INSURANCE CARD IN HIS NEW NAME Shaquille Aamal Lewis? 

Where is the AntiCorruption Unit when ya need dem to look closely into NIB and its practices? But there is more.

BP is now learning how Lewis has been in the Bahamas since 2017 and was allowed to walk up and down in Jones Town, Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama for the past three whole long years while police seemed clueless as to his whereabouts. Now, this is interesting!

When you read all this, now you understand exactly why police never said one word about the Jamaican hitman captured on Grand Bahama. And gave no details of his identity.

Police had Lewis in their protective custody before, and he walked right out the front door. We ga ask the questions again:

Who is Shaquille Aamal Lewis working for as a hitman in the Bahamas? And Who was he hired to kill? 

And if BP found that out in less than an hour of our looking into this report – how is it the Anti-Corruption UNIT didn’t? 

You know this writer wants to retire from all this good investigative reporting – BUT YINNER WOULD NOT PERMIT IT!

We ga report and let yinner decide!