Three PLP MPs seek to topple Christie, Davis and Roberts – New Generation group could break away and leave the PLP if they cannot have their way… Mutiny AHEAD!!!


Can the PLP stop the growing opposition tide against it across the country?

Christie - Davis team is the Bahamas' new GOLDEN TEAM now set to be challanged by New Generation group

Trouble Ahead for PLP CDR team—

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts losing grip on organization - RADICALS set for internal war.

Nassau, Bahamas — The new SS PLP ship of state is taking on water quickly and before team Gold Rush could leave the harbour, already trouble has erupted deep in the cabin.

Bahamas Press has learned that the growing internal opposition within the government is beginning to show itself in the public and come Wednesday the clear signs of that contention and discombobulating with infighting among MPs will come alive.

The first war of words will come from the Speaker’s Chair where he will scold the Minister for Education who opted to apologise to COB students being blocked from attending the Parliament last week.

Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie attempted to cool down the students as he met with them outside the Parliament.

But young Bahamians were not buying it! Some asked: “Where is the line from the campaign which claimed to BELIEVE in young people and promised to put them first on May 7th, 2012?”

One year since getting elected and not only are young Bahamians dragging on the unemployment lines [while Algernon Cargill is still being paid by NIB] but, ONE YEAR LATER and young Bahamians cannot enter the House of Assembly!

It’s Unbelievable! UNTHINKABLE!

One year since being elected to office and the GOLD RUSH team has opted to talk about gambling for more than 7 months after coming to office. GAMBLING remains the priority on the government’s clean agenda!

And Gambling for who? Da foreigners [guests and non-residents on work permits] – By damn! da ship is sinking!

Unemployment remains at an all time high, lights for more than 10,000 Bahamians are off and young people under the age of 25 are still looking for jobs; while the chinese and every other countries’ citizens remain employed.

You think they believe in young people?

And while all this backside rape on the backs of the Bahamian people continues, guess what we have uncovered deep down inside the PLP!

Sources close to the ground confirm to us the PLP’s new generation leaders are in the hull of the ship planning and plotting a political bloodbath for the leader, the deputy leader and the national chairman of the party.

Now we challenge anyone to deny it and BP will begin calling names, dates, places and expose accounts.

Politicos connected to the group of New Generation MPs have already privately engaged the services of a known political henchman to began the scripting, plotting and gutting of the PLP leadership.

The young PLPs, who just entered the Parliament in the last election, believe they are the right fit to lead the organization and were overheard boasting against the CDR.

BP believes the new generation crew cannot get out of a wet paper bag if guided, and believes Charles Maynard would raise from the dead and become PM first before the new turks get the chance to sit in any leadership position in the PLP Party.

THEY ARE WEAK and are rot with indecision!

We see trouble ahead, and all we can tell the GOLD RUSH CREW is this – MUTINY IS ON THE WAY!!!

Captain the ship is sinking!

We report yinner decide!