Three police test positive for COVID19 on Grand Bahama. A Bahamasair flight attendant also tests positive for coronavirus…

Bahamasair new ATR aircrafts.

NASSAU| Health Officials or someone creating rapid responses inside the Office of the Prime Minister decided to dismiss the facts now unfolding deep inside Grand Bahama where Bahamas Press confirmed on Wednesday that three Royal Bahamas Police Force Officers have tested POSITIVE FOR COVID19!

Readers know BP does not play with information and we want whoever issued that statement denying what we reported to STOP IT before we have to resort to identifying all three officers now in self-isolation!

We repeat the same that one of the officers is employed in the mobile division of the RBPF and two others are assigned to the courts. WE REPEAT OUR REPORT AND DEMAND HEALTH TO TELL BAHAMIANS THE TRUTH! Remember now, these are the same Health Officials who could not tell anyone if the Mexicans headed for Baker’s Bay did COVID negative tests! Now watch this now…

Bahamasair’s General Manager Tracy Cooper confirmed in a statement that a flight attendant has tested positive for COVID19.

The employee has not been to work since July 6. Mr. Cooper added that the airline has been in contact with the Ministry of Health and is following the established guidelines and protocols health officials have outlined.

One airline official, who declined to speak on the record, said there is minimal contact among people on the planes, and cabin services are not provided. The planes undergo enhanced cleaning every time they land, the official said.

We at BP also want a question to be answered at Bahamasair: Was the staff paid on Wednesday?

Meanwhile, Health officials confirmed there were three new COVID19 positive cases in the country. The Opposition had warned PM Minnis about reopening the country to international flights!

We report yinner decide!