Man charged for having a party with over 200 guests – meanwhile, the Marley Resort was never held responsible for loads of persons coming onto their property…WHAT IS THIS?

The beautiful Marley Resort.

NASSAU| A Jamaican national, who hosted his birthday bash with over 200 persons at the Bob Marley Resort on West Bay Street on July 12th, was charged before Senior Magistrate Andrew Forbes for failing to comply with the Emergency Order Regulations as it pertains to hosting events with no more than 30 persons.

Lamar Walters who was celebrating his 26th birthday bash told the court that he only invited 20 persons to the event.  However, the word spread on social media like wildfire and party crashers began to fill the event.

But Senior Magistrate Forbes was not hearing it. He told Walters that having such limited social options he should expect party crashers. He imposed a fine of $1,000 or face jail time of six months in prison.

No fines or charges were brought against the resort which hosted and permitted the Emergency Orders to be violated. Now look at that!

You know something though? With all this charging tourists, raiding hotel properties, closing beaches and curfew lockdown ain’t no guests coming to the Bahamas with all this foolishness!

Meanwhile they playing dancehall music in the courtroom.

We report yinner decide!