To those who are blind LET DEM SEE! YOU GATA give it to BTC!!!!


BTC feeds the children at All Saints Aids Camp

BTC Team Members host a party today for the kids and residents of the All Saints AIDS Camp in Nassau. Kids were having a great time.

Top executives at BTC feeding the poor.

Nassau, Bahamas –– It was a profound gesture. BTC went to the All Saints Aids Camp yesterday on Lazaretto Road and fed the hungry. They fed the less fortunate. They visited the sick and took care of the widows and orphans.

The mood was touching to say the least. They really care and believe in Bahamians.

Bahamas Press
was moved by this event, and we believe it is something that only few do: reach back to help the poor.

You know another telephone company also had a party yesterday, but guess what? They were partying up themselves – not looking back.

To team BTC we say – WELL DONE!

Feeding the less fortunate in our midst is BTC way!
BTC had Mrs Clause for the children