Tommy T coached an FNM goon in the Ministry of National Security to keep the office locked? NAH WAIT!


Dr. Bernard J. Nottage - Minister of National Security

New Security Minister orders doors to open immediately – REMEMBER IT…B.J. don’t PLAY!

Nassau, Bahamas — Staff in the Ministry of National Security was not ready for change on Day One of the Christie Administration as a known FNM guarding the doors to that department locked the office of the Minister.

BP has learnt the new kid on the block, Dr. B. J. Nottage, who has come to “deliver” the Bahamas and break the back of crime with a vengeance could not begin his work hours after being sworn into office. And here’s what we know.

As Minister Nottage begin to tour the plush office of the Minister of National Security, he could not get into his door as a senior FNM – recently promoted in the department – locked the Minister’s Office.

The no nonsense MP for Bains and Grants Town was like a lion and began to look around the room for answers.

The man who rolled former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham out of Bain Town asked, “Why is this door to my office locked?”

A shaken official replied, “Minister, we had instruction by the outgoing Crime Minister to lock the door because he needs two days to get his things out.”

Apparently Tommy Turnquest slipped into a deep depression after May 7th. Aides close to him told BP, he fled out of a polling station breaking the speed limit and disappeared like a hologram into a room at his ‘pah’ ranch on the highway. Sources also tell us Tommy was worse than C. A. Smith. Both men wept like children grounded from playtime.

He wept like a women who led the Master into the Tomb for three days.

We are not sorry for him. He deserved every vote against his WUTLESS representations and his failure to battle the slaughter on the streets of The Bahamas!

Like a mother who lost her son to violent crime so now does Tommy feel the pain to lose power for a second time.

Only few remember how Keod Smith beheaded the designated leader of the FNM in 2002 general elections.

New Security Minister ready to keep young children and the wider society safe...

Sources also close to the former Crime Minister tell us, it took hours before Turnquest exited that room with his eyes red like fire and puffed like cotton.

BP is asking the question, what “Crime Secrets” could Tommy have hid in his office that he would lock the doors and order it shut almost 5 days after being FIRED and voted out of office?

What kind of documents and letters could be in there that would not want the new minister see or review?

What kind of grenade, rocket launcher or anthrax could have been hidden in that room for him to order it shut even after being voted out of office and delivered a vicious “Political CUT YINNER KNOW WHAT” by the people of Mt Moriah?

Talk about being late again!

One eyewitness to the episode told BP, the new no nonsense Minister of National Security began to blow fire from his ears after being updated on the situation and ordered the room open “IMMEDIATELY”.

Some tell us BJ was ready to kick the door open if he had to.

If this door lock key missing episode is any snapshot of the assault about to be levied on crime, all we say is this, “Criminals BEWARE” cause we don’t know what ya ga do when BJ COME FA YOU!

We report yinner decide!


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