Tommy Turnquest is an UTTER and ABJECT FAILURE!


Tommy Turnquest, Minister of National Security.

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press is appalled and disgusted by the empty scatterbrain now sitting at the helm of national security. The city borders are porous, the townships are violent and the streets  are hemorrhaging into a river of blood, following attack after attack towards the innocent.

The man who stood on the rally stage and claimed to know how to tackle crime and take down the criminals, is now finding out that crime is taking him down.

What a degenerate we have in office! What kind of cheat rebrobate believes he could sit in that seat and bamboozle the local citizenry; having them to believe innocent lives are not being hunted down by these ‘vicked’ Rwandan gangsters?

Tommy Turnquest
should have been removed as minister of national security the day when murders in 2008 broke the record for the second consecutive year. Back then he promised more patrols. Back then he promised more police visibility. Back then he promised to implement the findings of the Crime Commission, the second of its kind to become food for dust mites. Tommy Turnquest once again invited all those stakeholders at the Wyndham Hotel on Cable Breach for another public relations exercise.

We would take it further and suggest he made certain popular police COP, Ellison Greenslade, was appointed to act as a human shield for his failures in the National Security office, but Bahamians patience are wearing thin.

We wonder if anyone has noticed yet, that since returning back to the country, Tommy Turnquest has not said a damn word about the riot that never was in Bain Town? MUMS THE WORD!

We describe Tommy Turnquest and the FNM as complete and absolute failures in the fight against crime. They together Stopped and Cancelled the efforts of the Police Tourism Unit. They withdrew police from the most hostile violent schools across the country and they cancelled Urban Renewal, which, when it was implemented  saw a dramatic decrease in crimes throughout communities.

Then lets take a look at ZNS and Tommy’s WUTLESS leadership there. Under Tommy the BCB has moved from bad to worst. Look at the newscast, ran over like a dog mangled on the side of the road by NB12. No Investigative Reporting, No Education Features, and No Breaking News. Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham addressed the nation on Star106.9FM yesterday and in tonight’s newscast ZNS reported not a damn word. This means as far as the family islands are concerned, Hubert Ingraham had nothing to say.

We call on the Prime Minister to rid the country of TOMMY! He is a complete waste of time! We call on him to find the half ball lost somewhere in his brain and fire Tommy Turnquest from his Cabinet! In fact, if Tommy had any shame, he would offer his resignation forthwith. Papa the damn ship is sinking and it is time to offload the baggage!



  1. Everybody knows freethinker is a “MENTAL CASE”; this dude was barred of every talk show in the country. Anyone who says that GOD is enemy and the devil is friend is a NUT HOUSE: as freethinker yourself!

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  3. We are led by a curse, and the curse will be removed. Why are we told as Bahamians to sit and obey the law when we allow criminals to occupy the House of Assembly who sit on their worthless ******* and pass hardship on Bahamians, while making a better way of life for Haitians. suck teeth, The ankle bracelets that tommy wasted tax payers dollars on, should be worn by all criminals in the House of Assembly, so we could monitor and track them, RFID chip for all illegal migrants our biggest criminal deposit, protected from the law by ingrum cristee nuree & micthell

    • Freethinker this is the LAST AND FINAL TIME BAHAMAS PRESS will warn you about your foul language We order you to tame your commentary IMMEDIATELY and correct your language or we will censor your commentary forthwith!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  4. We are led by the dumbest stupidest ******** on the planet, it make me sick being a Bahamian, when ingrum who is full of *****, do not care about Bahamians, and is allowed to destroy everything he set his demonic eye on without being punished or destroyed himself. Every true Bahamian should be up in arms to remove ingrum a piece of cholera **** out of office, before he sell every Bahamian for less than a penny. In 2010 and the caveman monkey ingrum a pirate out of sheol is allowed to operate without hinderance, his stupid jackass policies. See how the world mark no manner and false bearing while we are buried in ingrum **** world. march to our graves Bahamaland!!!

  5. Hey BP STOP BLAMING CRIME ON THE FNM, Which eve Government is elected we will still see crime. Lets start at the beginning, crime is a result of when citizens continuously break the laws of the country. We first need to respect our God in order that we may respect the laws of our land. I don’t think that no Minister or Political Party can do anything about the crime currently plaguing our nation. So give it a break……………..

    • Alfreda! It was Tommy Turnquest and the FNM who said they had the answer for “CRIME” in our country, not BP.Further all Minister Turnquest has to do is carry out his duty, and stop waiting for the PM’s approval on ever thing he is mandated to do.

  6. BP things that you post my be truth but you have to bare in mind that young kids love the internet and the way you talk about our leaders i think in my opinion is wrong but don’t get me wrong i agree with most of the stuff you post,but we can deal with them better than degrading them and the name calling me personally i don’t care for FNM nor PLP as them only know us @ election time so as for me and my household will never vote again in this Bahamas until we see better.

  7. Our country has turned into a disaster state, we need a whole turn around, our country is in a bad state. LORD help us to get to a place where we simple minded people see thing for what it is and stop making Tommy and the FNM party think they are doing good job, when in fact they are killing us.

  8. All these promises. He need to promise to disappear. What a nerd. I have no idea why they’d stop programs that was helping crime?? I guess I do know; only care about ego, anything to spite what the other side did. Just sad you’d do that to your country just to make yourself feel good. Broken Bahamas.

  9. Minister Turnquest is another example of what is wrong with our country! How can we suggest we are putting forward the best persons to represent our country, when we have someone like this representing us? I would not trust this man to run a tuck shop in the ghetto…he needs to go home asap!

    • Disgusted they sent home scores of officers at 55 year-old, remember that? The men and women were effective in fighting crime but Hubert Ingraham and the FNM fired them in the prime of their lives. That’s what I call SHAMEFUL!

      Now they all over the place buying out the third parties of this country to hush and silence people voices. Well ya know what they could do for us; CARRY THEY YOU KNOW WHAT!


  10. Tommy look like he having a mental breakdown, but he is so power drunk, that he is gonna let it drive him straight to the asylum, the pink porch to fly over the coo coo’s nest. Tommy need to visit Dr. Brian Humblestone to save what is left of his short circuited brain. Tommy need to remove the FNM voodoo RF micro chip, so that he could be a normal human being. Tommy say “you could complain as much as you may he ain’t going nowhere, cuz he is doing a good job” the man gone crazy!!!

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