Tonya Adderley welcomes her confessor Monsignor Alfred Culmer to the Public Service Commission…

Former selfish MP for ‘Lizzy’ Malcolm Adderley and Monsignor Alfred Culmer.

Nassau – Your Bahamas Press has now been investigating the persons hired to examine and vet the public service and, boy, we got one big surprise.

Former selfish PLP attorney Malcolm Adderley has been appointed on the Pubic Service Commission [PSC]. Adderley, you should remember, was the former WUTLESS MP for the Malcolm Creek (turned Elizabeth) constituency. In a selfish abandonment of his constituency, Adderley left the community and went his way to the FNM.

Also joining the PSC is Tonya Adderley’s confessor and pastor Monsignor Alfred Culmer.

The PSC is headed by Theresa Deleveaux, who also worked out of the Killarney FNM Constituency office.

All we say is: what is this?!

We report yinner decide!