Opposition Leader Davis meets with church leaders

Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis speaking with leaders.

NASSAU | Referring to proverbs that teaches that when the rich is enriched at the expense of the poor, all are lost, Opposition Leader the Hon. Philip Brave Davis, reminded all to follow the biblical admonition of caring for the least among us.

He referred to the transfer of strategic assets on Nassau’s northern shore into private and foreign hands.

The Opposition Leader again admonished the government to focus on the ‘social deficit’ more than the ‘fiscal deficit’.

He defended the fiscal stewardship of the PLP between 2012 to 2017:

According to Mr. Davis, in 2012, the country’s deficit stood at $550 million; unpaid bills in the public treasury were at $130 million and outstanding bills from the road diversion at BahaMar were at or about $50 million.

He said according to the Central Bank, the budget deficit was steadily reduced as follows:

2013 – $450 million
2014 – $330 million
2015 – $280 million

Notwithstanding two devastating hurricanes Joaquin and Matthew – in 2015 and 2016 respectively, by 2017 the Central Bank reported the budget deficit at $231 million. Peter Turnquest however said that the deficit was $660 million according to Mr. Davis.

Mr. Davis decried the tax concessions given to the rich and multinational corporations while taxes are being heaped on the backs of the poor.

Mr. Davis pointed to a Central Bank survey indicating that half of the working persons surveyed with income under $30,000 per annum reported that they could not make ends meet.

The Opposition Leader again raised the issue of the Bahamas vote on Venezuela in the OAS, a departure from the long-standing foreign policy of non interference. He called for clarity.

The luncheon meeting with the church leaders took place on Thursday, 7th February 2019.