039237900<<< Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and Carl Bethel chats at the opening night of the FNM Convention. Bethel was made Chairman by acclamation. Like the Pussy Cats they are both Ivonie Ingraham and Johnley Ferguson withdrew their bid and backed Bethel who was nominated by Prime Minister Ingraham.

Nassau, Bahamas — What was to be a BIG OPENING DAY at the FNM 2009 Convention proved to be a day of surprises; Carl ‘UNDERNOURISHED’ Bethel is now Chairman of the Party, Johnley Ferguson was kicked to the curb [FIRED] and Ivoine Ingraham showed up on ZNS TV looking like our boss’ puppy when he was neutered.johnlee-ferguson

If anything was proven yesterday at the FNM 2009 Convention it was this; the FNM is not a democratic party!
It is a Party filled with gutless, wutless and spineless men and women in which Hubert Ingraham is liken to a naked chief commanding every man, woman, boy and girl in the organization. They’re all afraid to voice a word of disapproval and some trembled when they began to voice their approval of what went down yesterday, THIS IS SERIOUS PEOPLE! And mind you the people who are letting this naked chief control them are all wearing clothes. With his MUGABE ways Ingraham has shafted the Party once again and with few words he has made everyone running for office look like fools.

We watched the TV and looked at the people and said now we see why Hitler was so powerful. Now I see why people are so afraid of Robert Mugabe. Now we see why people around Ingraham all fear him. In that Convention room last night it looked as if persons attending couldn’t go to the bathroom unless Ingraham permits them to go! Oh my goodness is this The Bahamas? Are we dreaming? One afternoon meeting and Mugabe has back stabbed an entire party! ‘VELL CALL THE BALICE!’

dscf8-carlEven after all the events and drama during nomination the now fired Johnlee said, “Here’s a government who cares.” We wonder if he didn’t bite his tongue when he uttered those words. How could Johnley say his Party cares and they didn’t even care to see him contest the Chairmanship? WE CRY SHAME ON THESE DUTTY WUTLESS SPINLESS MEN NOW SITTING INSIDE THE FNM! NAH DAS WHAT WE CALL BEING A BIGTIME PUSSY CAT!

On another note, we promised to tell you why Bethel was appointed Chairman. Sources in the Party tell us this was decided after Ingraham concluded Bethel must be FIRED from his Cabinet of ‘rotten eggs’.

BP has information, which now confirms that Bethel along with 2 other high-ranking FNMs were caught “red handed” in a land shakedown deal here in the capital. Bahamas Press has been reliably informed that Bethel and his partners-in-crime were reported to the authorities and their deeds were exposed, which included some corrupt practices against young Bahamian families. We are told this matter, which could possibly be one of a criminal nature, was brought to the ear of the Prime Minister who then asked Bethel to get his bags packed.

Bethel will finally be kicked out of the Ministry of Education once and for all. Since May 8th, 2008, Bahamas Press has called for Bethel’s resignation after his son rapped a 13 year old girl at the once prestigious Queen’s College. Bethel, Tommy Turnquest, Reginald Ferguson and the principle at the school all covered the matter and swept it under the concrete. Since then crimes of molestation have plagued schools throughout the country under Bethel’s WUTLESS leadership.


  1. @Kim Sands
    Kim Sands dont mind Altec….. he only shame cause i got him together a few days ago. He shame very shame and they always say they don’t reply to my post’s but still is my biggest fan. A delusional ignorant old buffoon who to close minded.

    And what Lie Dion Foulkes said tonight say they have 16 urban renewal centers…. THIS NEW TO ME LOL. I honestly didnt know that but BP needs to do a investigation cause that sound FISHY….. Oh boi FREDRICK GOT PERRY TOGETHER. Excellent speech, Hubert Minnis talkin too much. The FREE NATIONAL MOVEMENT IS MUCH BETTER THAN the PLP own i enn ga lie.

  2. I over Looked Fredrick.. he would be a ideal person for chairman of the FNM……. THIS IS SOMEBODY who is very aggressive and have wonderful speaking skills that can enthuse the party base and bring in voters.

    Fredrick vs Bradley

    wife beater vs rapist




  4. @Altec

    LOL!!!! You are not waiting for someone to ban you aye? You took the initiative to ban yourself. Jokes for years!!!! For now on, I will be watching his comments closely and then I will make the determination if I need to ban myself as well….lol…..

  5. @Kim Sands

    Kim Sands: [Bahamasyouth] what are you talking about? Nobody seems to have a problem with the PM moving Carl as the minister of Education

    Kim, Bahamasyouth is a bit simple and his comprehension skills isnt the best. Thats why you should just avoid his posts all together cause his raving, incoherent rants make no sense.

    It got to the point where i placed a self imposed ban on responding to Bahamasyouth. Dude sees what he wants to see and doesnt take the time to comprehend what he is reading. He responded the way he did to you because he assumed that you was dissing his beloved FNM and HAI! he totally missed the jist of what you said.


  6. @Bahamasyouth
    What are you talking about? Nobody seems to have a problem with the PM moving Carl as the minister of Education, in fact he should have never been put in that position from day one. The man has no compassion where children are concerned. That might explain why his own son landed himself in trouble at the once prestigious Queen‘s College. Anyway, I believe you missed my point completely. I was just talking about the way Carl was removed from his post and appointed (not elected) the Chairman of the FNM, when other people were competing for the position. You don’t think that was rude and an insult to them? Don’t mind them smiling and saying everything cool, because I don’t think they have a choice in the matter. The last thing they might want to do is cross Ingraham’s path. I heard he could be very vindictive when he ready.

  7. @media
    BP, you watching these two jokers co hosting with Wendell Jones on JCN 14? these fellas spinning so much i getting dizzy. Jones holding his own though.

  8. @Bahamasyouth

    While Deal could say what he is told to say, wear his red, white and black clothes as he is told to wear. While Deal can watch and see men in the FNM GUTTED ON THE NATIONAL STAGE, the last group of people to suggests weak should be those in the FNM!

    There is NO DEMOCRACY IN THE FNM! And NO freedom in that PARTY! It is incredible to see one leader run a COMMUNIST PARTY in the midst of the disguise of democracy! GOD HELP THEM ALL!

    WE on Bahamas Press cannot follow that!

  9. @Kim Sands
    Kim, your not the only one thinking that and asking the same questions.

    Could you imagine the furor in the media had the PLP establishment APPOINTED Bradly Roberts as chair in the manner that Carl Bethel was? Every media outlet and every FNM on this site would be saying that the PLP isnt democratic, has brought in a retread, and isnt giving the youth of the party a chance. But when the FNM does it, no one says nothing.

    During the PLP convention the FNM was all about talking foolishness about the PLP’s process of electing delegates, yet at their convention, they choose not to have an election and the leaders of their party sat around a table and selected their party chair. Where is the democracy in that?

    Just an observation!

  10. @Kim Sands
    So what do you expect him to do?…. Both FNMs and PLPs agree that Ministry of Education wasnt his post so what more do ya expect??????

    Yah ga ROW if he enn move him so what more do you want????????

    AND ATLEAST INGRAHAM KEEP HIS ADMINISTRATION/CLASS in there place. Lincoln Deal a lil boi enn even have a HIGHSCHOOL DIPLOMA pointed out Perry Christie for his weak leadership MY LAWD!

  11. I hate to say it, but we have a very delusional man running this country. This man sees the people in his cabinet as kids. Why can’t he see he dealing with grown people? Some of them are even married and have children of their own and he still thinks of them as children. Look how he grabbed Carl from the Minister of Education post and put him as chairman of the party and to hell with Ivoine and Johnley. He knows just how to make people look stupid, if he knew he was planning to put Carla there, why he had them other two competing for the position? I can’t believe as bad as things are aint none of them people in his party wanted to challenge him for leadership. I must say, as delusional as he is, he still have all of them right in check.

  12. @MEDIA
    And they are continuing to LIE ! That is what bothers me most. Johnlee has the guts to say that HAI “cares” about the average Bahamian – He was poor and he sits up trying to find ways to help the poor! Bull shsss..t! He was up cancelling the opportunit for my daughter to go to college, while still authorizing the massive road paving (basically in the north) and also commencing the Arawak cay project that could have waited ! And you mean to tell me that is “caring” ! Then on top of that, Johnlee brags about his party providing unemployment benefits ! They should, because they were responsible for so many people being UMEMPLOYED !!!! There unemployed during PC’s tenure, but there were also alot of jobs available – some persons just were too picky or did not want to work – but jobs were certainly available. There was no need for unemployment benefits – but that “other” party will never say that! Bunch of damn liars!!

  13. @Altec
    You would be surprise if you just talk to some people and you would hear them saying HAI can do no wrong ,and he’s doing his best.I beg to differ this the worst he has been in 1992 his government was called the Better government,in 1997 he said his government was better,better.I’m now calling his government the worst govering government the country has seen.The best will come back again under a Perry Christie government.

  14. @Altec…that is what concerns me! A lot of them (at their convention) are very supportive of HAI ! They think he is their god and that he hasn’t and will do NO wrong, even though he has single handily ’cause hardship on many bahamians, through firings and “stop, review and cancel” policies!

  15. @Dibbles,@LOU
    Dibbles and Lou,
    No right minded FNM can say that HAI is governing well right now. Not one! IF they do say he is, then check their heads!

  16. Hear! Hear !!! Now I think the nation truly understands (those that want), that there is a “BIG” difference to real visionary, caring leadership style of PC, compared to the impulsive, non-caring, decisive leadership style of HAI! “The proof is in the puddin”…we have have tasted both – which one is more palatable ????

  17. @truthhurts
    You have serious issues,that’s the futher Prime Minister you are talking about like it or not that’s realailty.Keep saying it and it will sink in PRIME MINISTER CHRISTIE, PRIME MINISTER CHRISTIE.He’s the best thing since slice bread,after the great Sir LOP.

  18. @truthhurts
    You need help…psychological help….’cause if PC way of governing can ensure economical, social, spritual and financial success – then I really, truly don’t “get” the problem!!!!

  19. even as I can admit the FNM sucks. I everytime I access the feeling of total suckassedness Perry Christie’s image jumps into my mind.

  20. @Bahamasyouth
    What ever,Bahamasyou,Mr Christie is not the Prime Minister an under HAI this the worst the country has been.Change is coming Perry Christie will once again be the Prime Minister of this great country.Not the change what Paul Moss was talking about.

  21. Dibbles :
    Carl Bethel got fired,the worst Minister ever for the Ministry of Education.


  22. @Think Bahams
    peoples kids are of no ones concern as it relates thie particular topic to restate the unopposed election of One carl bethel……now it just so happens that he is a public figure earlier this year news came to light that alleged some impropriety his name along with that of his son was infered by many media outlets to be involed thats how it came to be in the public domain….so from that point ya arguments fail
    Now Hoever you may want to suggest that as there was no investigation done in relation to a criminal complaint all concerned are innocent until Proven Guilty…..But this also raises issues of public intrest in relation the the alleged offence and consent
    So i think the only submission u could make to persuad individuals that family is of limits is if you said hey theirs many bones in the gravetard lets leave some alone that may be accepted but you wont succed in your attempt to censure any bloggers on any sight this is the dawning of quick time info real time reporting

  23. @think bahamas

    you just reach aye? bp been slandering people and posting videos a children screwing from day one. you better watch ya mouth or you gone get do like the wutless plp webmaster.

  24. @Bahamasyouth
    Plan or no plan the move was strategic and would benifit the party and country as a whole. It is a shame however that we have to reach out and touch the children of politicians. They should not be in the firing line. Why make mention of Bethel’s son…. and alledged situation. I am sure the parents of the young lady know where to find the police & media. BP this is not good press its downright an infringement on the rights of Bethel’s son. I suggest that sensitivity to family members espeacially young people be your first priority when trying to invoke opinions. Please to day its Bethell son tommorow it may be yours… Lets sanitize the sit and create rules on defaming the kids or family members of our political party members, in fact in all cases.

  25. After taking a very long thinking, I personally feel Hubert Ingraham and Johnlee Ferguson had this planned. We All know that the midterm report cards soon come out and we all know that Carl Bethel has failed as Minister of Education. Therefore, Ingraham was going to FIRE him but he felt he would do a better job as CHAIRMAN of THE PLP. On the meanwhile Johnlee Ferguson might be expected to be a JUNIOR MINISTER….Maybe Minister of Education or something else.

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