Traffic fatality reported on San Salvador and a female guest to the island is the victim…


BP BREAKING| Police on the island of San Salvador are investigating a traffic crash, which has claimed the life of a female guest to the island.

The accident occurred when two vehicles were traveling in opposite directions. The guest and a local resident vehicles slammed head-on with each other.

The female guest died while her husband survived the accident. The local female in the second vehicle experienced serious damage to her legs as the engine of her vehicle crushed them, however, she will survive the ordeal. Both the male guest and the Bahamian female were airlifted into the capital for further medical evaluation.

Bahamas Press advises all drivers to drive with due care and attention. Drive within the speed limit. Put down the cellphones as you must pay attention to the road at all times! Drive defensively! Drive to arrive alive.

We report yinner decide!