Traffic Fatility in Salt Pond Long Island – BP IS LIVE ON THE SCENE…


Victim we can report is 30-Something year-old …

That white truck this morning in Salt Pond Long Island where Vardo Miller lost his life. Only Bahamas Press was live...

Fatality victim 34-year-old Jarvago Miller

Salt Pond, Long Island — A traffic fatality is right now being reported on the island of Long Island in the area of Salt Pond.

Police are still on the scene of the incident, which occurred on the long road just outside the community of Mckanns where the victim resides.

BP was one of the first teams to arrive on the scene where we can report the victim was driving in his white Japanese vehicle when a Mack truck, which lost control, and slammed into the victims vehicle killing him instantly.

Investigators now on the ground tell us speed was a factor in this latest fatality, as the victim’s truck was left mangled in the road.

Boy the scene was horrific and sad.

Bahamas Press has identified the victim to be 34-year-old Jarvago Miller.

BP IS LIVE – We report yinner decide!

That Mack truck which lost control on Long Island today...